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Why We Fight
WhyWeFight Story Cover1

Josh Elder


Jessica Chavez

Interior artist(s)

Ramanda Kamarga
Inks: Erfran Asafat, Chris Lie and Lius Lasahido of Caravan Studio (volume 1).
Tones: Erfian Asafat of Caravan Studio (volume 1).
Letterer: Michael Paolilli (volume 1).


StarCraft: Frontline


StarCraft: Frontline: Volume 1






August 1st, 2008.

StarCraft: Frontline: Why We Fight is a story in the four-part StarCraft: Frontline series. It is authored by Josh Elder and illustrated by Ramanda Kamarga. A preview was displayed in Warcraft: Legends, Volume 1.

The storyline was designed to act as an introduction to those new to the StarCraft universe.[1] It is continued in Do No Harm, featured in Volume 3.


Each of the three races in StarCraft--terran, protoss and zerg--is closely examined in this profoundly moving introduction to the StarCraft universe. As the combatants' facades are stripped away, the motivations that drive their war for survival are guaranteed to shock and awe.


The creation of warriors from all three races are shown. Jin-ho Lim, an anti-Dominion protester, was arrested and harshly resocialized by Dr. Stanley Burgess, emerging from training as a Dominion marine willing to die for and kill for the very organization he used to hate. Khastiana, a young female protoss living on Ash'Arak, convinced her mentor Muadun to let her become a zealot, as she felt she had to fight to maintain the peace. On Char, an aggressive zergling, "Scar" was spawned, quickly killing a clutchmate.

All three forces collided on the world of Artika, fighting for the prize of an ancient xel'naga temple. Each side took heavy losses, and eventually all three protagonists ended up fighting within the temple. Lim and Khastiana met inside, where Khastiana tried to free him from his resocialization. Lim could not deal with the previously hidden memories and shot Khastiana, severely injuring her. Meanwhile, "Scar" struck Lim from behind, killing him, and with her dying strength, Khastiana slew the zergling. Khastiana was transplanted into an immortal but refused to give up hope.

Three leaders – Arcturus Mengsk, Sarah Kerrigan and Artanis, one from each race, then explained why they felt the need to fight. In the speeches, Artanis declared victory, but Muadun wondered whether the cost was worth it.


Main CharactersEdit

Khastiana SC-FrntLn1 Art2 Lim WhyWeFight Comic3 Scar WhyWeFight Comic1
Khastiana Private Jin-ho Lim Scarred zergling


Supporting CharactersEdit

Burgess SC2 Art1 Muadun
Dr. Stanley Burgess Muadun

Minor CharactersEdit

Note: These characters were only mentioned or had little to no role during the story.

Charlie SquadEdit


-Why We Fight took place in 2502.[2]

-Why we fight was the name of an American WWII propaganda campaign about why the US was engaged in the war.


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