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StarCraft: Heir of Adun is the proposed name for the sequel to StarCraft: Queen of Blades.

Blizzard Entertainment has been working on an outline for a possible novel. They have no planned release window and are unsure if they have an author signed up.[1] However, Aaron S. Rosenberg's name has been frequently linked to such a project.[2][3][4] He asserted in 2006 that there would be a sequel to Queen of Blades,[5] but as of 2011, this does not appear forthcoming.[6]

The novel would cover the story of Tassadar and his nature as a twilight messiah, as well as the Fall of Aiur, and the politics of the Conclave, Judicator Caste and the Templar.[1]

Similar ProposalsEdit

A number of similar novels have been propsed by Aaron Rosenberg:

StarCraft: Tassadar's Sacrifice is a proposed novel by Aaron S. Rosenberg and alongside Invasion of Aiur, foremost among the list of ideas he'd like to write for the StarCraft universe. It would theoretically be a sequel to Queen of Blades, Rosenberg hoping that the novel would set a level of anticipation appropriate for a possible sequel.[7]

StarCraft: Invasion of Aiur is a proposed novel by Aaron S. Rosenberg and alongside Tassadar's Sacrifice, foremost among the list of ideas he'd like to write for the StarCraft universe.[7]


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