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StarCraft #8
SC-Com8 CoverA1

Simon Furman

Cover artist(s)

Carlos D’Anda

Interior artist(s)

Mike Miller






DC Comics (Wildstorm)

StarCraft: Issue 8 was intended to be the eighth issue of the StarCraft comic. It would have started the second arc. It was canceled as of December 2009.[1]


The War Pigs mourn the death of one of their own, aware that their own days are now meagerly numbered. There’s no way forward and no way back, and an all-out suicidal tilt at Tamsen Cauley seems the only remaining option. But, behind the scenes, a powerful enemy of Cauley is making his own move. And the War Pigs are a resource “Ghostmaster General” Leonid Celsus could sorely use right now![2]


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