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This article or section concerns fan-created content.

StarCraft: Mass Recall is a recreation of the StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War campaigns (including the hidden missions), along with the Resurrection IV map, in StarCraft II. The project is complete and is hosted on SC2Mapster. It is available in English, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Russian.[1] In version 5.2, released September 2014, the Precursor missions were added.

The port was mentioned in a StarCraft Discussion Roundup post on[2]


The mission briefings mimic the originals in appearance and content.[3] The missions use the same tech tree and objectives as the original, although there exists the selectable option of using Brood War units in the original campaign. The gameplay and UI improvements of StarCraft II, like unlimited unit selection and smartcasting, are retained.

Most maps offer three difficulty levels. The overall difficulty was significantly increased to compensate for the better UI and make the missions more challenging. The missions can be played offline or on, though the latter requires additional steps.


Custom models for units were made for those without suitable StarCraft II equivalents. Decals were added to reflect unit allegiances according to lore.

Events which were originally scripted, as well as some of the original cinematics, were converted into cutscenes. Totally new cutscenes were added.


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