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Gen SC-BG BW Cover1

StarCraft: Brood War board game cover

StarCraft: The Board War: Brood War: Expansion is a Brood War expansion for StarCraft: The Board Game created by Fantasy Flight Games.[1][2]

The game was available for sale as of December 17, 2008.[3]

The expansion includes leadership cards, which are unique to each faction. Some will provide special victory conditions, installations and even hero units with powerful abilities.[4] The game includes six next new "planets", including Erebus Station, the Paladino Belt,[5] Hydrax and Avernus Station.[6]

The game contains four scenarios.[3] One, the Quest for Uraj and Khalis, is available for download.[5]

The optional United Earth Directorate faction is available, replacing one terran faction of the players' choice.[7]

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