StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm: BradyGames Signature Guide is a strategy guide for Heart of the Swarm.

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The Official Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide

In the collector’s Edition Strategy Guide

Collectible Paperfold Models - Exclusive pack of paper models printed on high-quality card stock, inspired by the new units in Heart of the Swarm using actual in-game skins.

Premium Hard Cover - This sexy hard-cover features the Queen of Blades, with holographic foil and matte finish.

Beginner’s Guide - This new section communicates the fundamental skills needed to play StarCraft II through a step-by-step design and unique smart-media video instruction.


Single Player - Our objective-based walkthrough drives the most compelling single-player experience to date.

Multiplayer - The most comprehensive[StarCraft II multiplayer strategy section ever has been expanded and updated.

Maps - Advanced strategies expose the best tactics for all the multiplayer launch maps.

Race Compendium - Every unit, ability, and building from all three races are covered in detail, including launch stats and in-match synergies

Augmented Reality

Grab the free StarCraft II Aurasma app for iOS and Android and unlock the full potential of the Beginner’s Guide. Aurasma uses advanced image recognition to blend the physical book with the interactive videos covering the Terran, Protoss, and Zerg.


This digital version contains all the content from the printed version, including:

  • A brand new beginner's guide chapter that illustrates the fundamental skills needed to play the game for a beginner's point-of-view.
  • An objective-based walkthrough that drives the most comprehensive single-player experience to date.
  • A comprehensive multiplayer strategy section.
  • Advanced strategies that expose the best tactics for all the multiplayer launch maps.
  • Every unit, ability and building from all three races are covered in detail.

This eBook is best viewed on Colour Kindle tablets. Due to the complex nature of the book format, the font size cannot be altered through the Kindle device, however, it is possible to zoom into pages.

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