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The following contains a list of quotations for the story mode space of Kerrigan's leviathan:

Kerrigan first meets Izsha.Edit

KerriganMeetsIzsha SC2-HotS VStory101:48

KerriganMeetsIzsha SC2-HotS VStory1

  • Kerrigan flies Raynor's dropship to the Leviathan. Kerrigan exits.
  • Adjutant: Warning. Zerg organisms detected.
  • Kerrigan: That's why I'm here. They'll either accept me as their Queen, or I'll start killing them one-by-one until they do.
  • She approaches three zerglings and her eyes glow yellow. The zerglings back away. A leviathan "door" opens and Izsha comes out.
  • Kerrigan: What are you?
  • Izsha: I am Izsha. Your Majesty used to store all her ideas, thoughts and plans within me. Do you not remember?
  • Kerrigan: Yes... I do remember you. More importantly, you remember me.
  • Her eyes glow yellow. Izsha's eyes glow in response.
  • Izsha: You are the Queen of Blades. I obey.
  • Kerrigan: Perfect. Summon the Swarm and prepare to move on Korhal.
  • Izsha: The Swarm is in disarray and will not answer your call.

(If on Kaldir):

  • Izsha: Most zerg on Kaldir are under the command of broodmother Nafash. She seeks to create her own Swarm.

(If on Char):

  • Izsha: Most zerg on Char are under the command of broodmother Zagara. She seeks to create her own Swarm.

(Either way):

  • Izsha: While she lives, the swarm will be divided.
  • Kerrigan: Not for long, it won't. Take us down to the surface.

Evolution PitEdit

Conversing with AbathurEdit

KerriganMeetsAbathur SC2-HotS VStory101:02

KerriganMeetsAbathur SC2-HotS VStory1

  • Abathur comes out.
  • Kerrigan: What are you?
  • Abathur: Abathur. Evolve Swarm, spin strands and sequences. Served Overmind, then served Queen of Blades. Now serve you.
  • Kerrigan: I am the Queen of Blades!
  • Abathur: Different. Examining genetic strands. Queen of Blades was efficient, ancient zerg qualities. Minor terran influence.

(If Kerrigan is terran):

  • Abathur: You, infected with more terran matter. Grasper limb poorly designed. Can improve. Will give it back, better.

(If Kerrigan is the Primal Queen):

  • Abathur: You, incredible complexity, arranged in clean sequences. Must study in more depth.

(Either way): He approaches Kerrigan, but she starts flaring her eyes.

  • Kerrigan: Don't touch me.

Abathur backs off.

  • Abathur: : Only focus is evolving the Swarm. Seek perfection in all things. Work in evolution pit. Can review my work here.

KerriganAbathur SC2-HotS VStory100:44

KerriganAbathur SC2-HotS VStory1

  • A shriek is heard.
  • Kerrigan: What is that sound?
  • Abathur: Failed experiments. Reverting to biomass. Slow process.
  • Kerrigan: At least put them out of their misery first.
  • Abathur: Wasted effort. Creatures will die soon. Pain irrelevant.
  • Kerrigan: When you say things like that, Abathur, I almost remember you and I feel... anger.
  • Abathur: Anger product of adrenaline, stress response, imminent threat. No threat to you. No anger.
  • Kerrigan: I'll be the judge of that.

KerriganAbathur SC2-HotS VStory200:34

KerriganAbathur SC2-HotS VStory2

  • Kerrigan: I’m going to look into your memories, and find out why I feel so angry when I see you.
  • Abathur: Memories not important. Distractions.
  • Kerrigan: I see it in your mind… You designed the Queen of Blades! Your limbs wrapped me in the chrysalis!
  • Abathur: Weak and soft. Broke bones. Tore flesh. Improved you.
  • Kerrigan’s eyes flare, and the sound of broken bones is heard while Abathur let go a scream of pain.
  • Kerrigan: If you weren’t important to my plans, you’d be dead right now.
  • Abathur: Unclear.
KerriganAbathur SC2-HotS VStory900:51

KerriganAbathur SC2-HotS VStory9

After The Crucible is completed

  • Abathur: Genetic strands different, restructured from based leveled up. Stronger than queen of blades. Sequances complex but clean . Completely different at core.
  • Kerrigan: Yes, I am different. I am my own master. When the xel'naga artifact made me human again, it cleansed me of Amon's influence. And that allowed me to become… something greater.
  • Abathur: Must take sample. Study new sequences.

Kerrigans purple eyes flare when Abathur tries to touch Kerrigan

  • Kerrigan: Don't even try, Abathur. What I am now, is beyond your comprehension.

Abathur backs off.

  • Abathur: Difficult to admit. New structure beyond understanding. Will return to work.
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