Artanis: Rohana.
Artanis: Preserver! Rohana!
Amon: Artanis…
Artanis: Amon.
Amon: I see your doubt. Your fear. You are so alone… Mewling in the darkness.
Amon: Let me release you… all of you… from the suffering of this life.
Amon: The Infinite Cycle of strife and anguish is at an end.
Artanis: Your words are little more than poison, Amon. Your actions bring nothing but death.
Amon: They bring purpose! An end to a cycle none within had chosen!
Amon: Your resistance will only bring unneeded suffering. (Red glow disappears)
Rohana: It… it has passed, Hierarch. He is gone.
Artanis: Do you see now why you must separate from the Khala? Its light has faded.
Rohana: I will keep him at bay. I will endure. I have felt his rage. Seen his truth.
Artanis: If you will not sever your connection to the Khala, then you will be contained--kept in stasis.
Rohana: I will preserve the Khala however I must. If I must ensure imprisonment, so be it.

Rohana: I abandoned everything I knew to study and serve the Khala. I will not forsake my vows--even now.
Rohana: I could see the truth of Amon while he spoke through me… He claims his cause is noble, but only darkness and rage fester within.

Legacy of the Void quotations
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