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These quotations are all from cinematic, mission briefings, and in-game cutscenes from StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops.


Menu ScreenEdit

Starcraft 2 ► Nova Covert Ops Rogue Agent Awakening Cinematic HD02:23

Starcraft 2 ► Nova Covert Ops Rogue Agent Awakening Cinematic HD

The Dominion's best psionic assassin. Nova Terra has been missing for months. She now awakens in an unknown military facility with no memory of the events that bought her there-only a sense of danger is near...

Loading ScreenEdit

After a few year of peace, the zerg have returned to strike unpredictably at Dominion worlds. Emperor Valerian has tried to reassure the frightened populace, but some citizens remain unconvinced. Together, they form the opposite face-the Defenders of Man.

Meanwhile, the Dominion military has lost all contact with several of its ghosts, including the deadly agent, Nova, and the rest of her team-Stone, Delta and Pierce. Their fates remain uncertain.


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