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Loading ScreenEdit

Nova returned to the Dominion after escaping from an enemy facility. Unable to recall her recent memories, she learned that she had seen working for a secretive opposition faction- the Defenders of Man, and was now wanted for treason.

Emperor Valerian gave her a chance to prove her loyalty by leaning a covert operations team against the Defenders. Aided by Reigel, the emperor's weapons and technology specialist, she recovered a memory that led her to infested world of Tarsonis.

There, she learned that the Defenders of Man have been orchestrating zerg attacks throughout the Dominion. Now another one about to begin...

Trouble in ParadiseEdit

Before MissionEdit

Defenders Pilot: C'mon... almost there... Psi-emitter deployed... Awaiting exit orders...

Defenders Trooper: Roger that. Fall back to our position.

Nova: What's the situation out there, Reigel?

Reigel: Reports are coming in from major population centers. They detail extensive damage-and high casualties. It seems all evacuation efforts are unsuccessful.

Nova: How many zerg are there?

Reigel: Enough to vastly outnumber our forces, including all of the Dominion personnel on the world below. We are too late. Nova.

Nova: Damn it!

Reigel: However... the defenders of man fleet is inbound. They have announced their intention to protect civilians.

Nova: So they want to look like heroes to these people... They're not-but we are. Take us to the surface.

Reigel: The psi-emitters' signal has drawn most of the zerg to this location. They're established hives and are moving eastward. The defenders of man have set up blockade in the north to keep the zerg from going further. Most of the civilian survivors have taken refuge in this stadium, but they cannot hold without reinforcement.

Nova: We'll get them evacuated soon. If we can defeat the zerg before the Defenders of Man, we'll save lives and undermine their plans.

Reigel: Indeed. One more detail I've brought our Banshees and goliaths online for you.

Nova: Those Banshees can cloak... that's going to be useful. They'll be able to do lotta damage before zerg even know they're there.

Reigel: Just do it quickly. I'm detecting additional warp signatures in the planet's orbit. You may be facing more zerg reinforcement soon.

Nova: Ready to the banshees for deployment here. Then I'll need you to establish my base over in this location.

Reigel: That won't be a problem.

(Archives) Edit

Lockwell: We're received eyewitnesses reports of a massive zerg force gathering outside the well known tourist destination. Tyrador IX. Evacuation efforts are underway, but perilous. The Defenders of Man released a statement indicating that they are willing to assist any civilians who need their protection. Dominion officials have promised to update us soon.

The MissionEdit

Reigel: This was a resort world... most of the people here were tourist... They were in no position to face the zerg when they arrived. I fear devastation has already been substantial...

Reigel: Scanning the zerg hive now... You'll need to destroy their hatcheries to prevent their number from growing.

Nova: I'll do my best.

Reigel: Your Banshees are equipped with cloaking technology that will make them undetectable to enemies. I suggest you enable it.

Reigel: I see you've destroyed one of the hatcheries... An encouraging sight.

Nova: Now for the others...

Reigel: Spore crawlers are approaching your location, Nova. Kill them before they take root!

Reigel: Perhaps a Nuclear strike would be useful? I have one prepared for you.

Nova: Good thinking, Reigel.

Reigel: That's two hatcheries now.

Reigel: Exceptional progress. Nova.

Reigel: Nova, the enemy reinforcements have nearby warped in. Prepare to fall back.

Reigel: Please be patient. Your base is not yet ready, but there are plenty of zerg for you clear out over there...

Reigel: Your base is prepared, and your Goliath is online. But... there's some unusual activity with the warp signatures... Nova... It's isn't the zerg!

Nova: What's happening?

Reigel: The Tal'darim fleet is invading this world...

Ji'nara: I am Ji'nara, First Ascendant of the Tal'darim. Our Highlord has charged me with the eradication of the Defenders of Man. Do not interfere!

Reigel: That's a tempting solution, but any assault on the Defenders' position will surely kill civilians. Evacuation is impossible.

Nova: Then we have no choice... We have to protect the Defenders.

Reigel: Only until we defeat the protoss... I see they're using shield projectors to channel into a mothership. It currently in orbit, but it seems likely they'll use it to destroy the Defenders once it's fully charged.

Nova: We'd better take out those projectors... Let's go.

Reigel: I've identified the locations of the shield projectors... Here they are.

Nova: I'll destroy them as fast as I can. But first I have to make sure our defenses are secure against the zerg.

(If there are still zerg hatcheries remaining by the time the Tal'darim arrive) Edit

Reigel: Yes, although you eliminated enough hatcheries to moderately reduce their numbers. Also--these zerg posess a very interesting mutation.

Reigel: If you have time, can you clear out the remaining hatcheries and collect some samples for me?

Nova: If it leads to new tech, I can!

(If all zerg hatcheries have been destroyed by the time the Tal'darim arrive) Edit

Reigel: You demolished several hatcheries, Nova. Their numbers have been substantially reduced.

Reigel: Those zerg have developed a very interesting mutation. Thanks to your efforts, I have enough samples to research new technology.

Nova: I can't wait to see what you come up with.

(Once the last hatchery is destroyed after the Tal'darim arrive) Edit

Nova: All right, Reigel. I've got a special delivery of zerg sludge just for you.

Reigel: Perfect.

After MissionEdit

Night TerrorsEdit

Before MissionEdit

The MissionEdit

After MissionEdit


Before MissionEdit

The MissionEdit

After MissionEdit

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