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StarCraft II: Starter Edition
StarterEdition SC2 Logo1

Blizzard Entertainment


Blizzard Entertainment


August, 2011


Science fiction real-time strategy game




Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


Mouse, keyboard

StarCraft II: Starter Edition is a demo version of StarCraft II available to any player who downloads the client. Formerly it gave limited access to the campaign, vs AI and arcade. With the release of Legacy of the Void, Starter Edition now grants full access to the arcade, Co-op Missions, and custom games, but not ladder and campaign. Players can use a "spawning" feature with friends in order to play full multiplayer matches, but only if they are in a party with their Blizzard friends. Using this feature will match them to the expansion level their friend is currently on.[1]

Content Available with Starter EditionEdit

  • Custom games
  • Ability to "spawn" with a Blizzard friend and play multiplayer games while partied with them.


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