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StarCraft II: Starter Edition
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Blizzard Entertainment


Blizzard Entertainment


August, 2011


Science fiction real-time strategy game




Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


Mouse, keyboard

StarCraft II: Starter Edition is a demo version of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. It became available in August 2011.[1]

It gives access to the first three missions of Wings of Liberty plus either The Evacuation or Smash and Grab (player's choice), the first two challenges: Tactical Command and Covert Ops, access to terrans in Single-Player vs AI and Custom Games in the following maps: Discord IV, High Orbit, The Shattered Temple, Xel'Naga Caverns and the custom map StarJeweled. Achievements and campaign progress are saved in case the player upgrades to the full version of Wings of Liberty.[1] The starter edition also provides spawning—while starter edition-only players can still only play as terrans, they can join multiplayer games with individuals in the same party.[2]

Arcade ReleasesEdit

Arcade releases have been made available for the Starter Edition for limited points of time.

In December 2011, a number of fan-made arcade games became available for the Starter Edition for a limited time, which were as follows:

The Blizzard-designed maps Left 2 Die, Aiur Chef, and StarJeweled were also made available.[3]

In July, 2013, a number of arcade games were again made temporarily available, which were as follows:[4]


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