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SC2Balance2 SC2SIlly

Balance the game, deal with the community's wrath!

StarCraft II Balance Manager 2016 was an April Fool's 2016 game for StarCraft advertised by Blizzard Entertainment. It was a parody of the popular Football Manager management series of games.[1]


StarCraft II Balance Manager 2016 advertised being able to balance the game of StarCraft, at all levels. From bronze to grandmaster, every balance change the player would make would be simultaneously loved and criticized. A David Kim AI would advise the player on alternatives to nerfs and buffs, and a user interface would warm players before any nerfs were applied.

A Balance Manager dashboard would let the player receive live updates fro all areas of SC2, including WCS, SSL, SWAG, GSL, YOLO and even ladder. It featured a confidence meter to show how the community responds to the player's changes. Prepurchases were advertised for $59.99.[1]


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