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13th November—The World of Shakuras
Learn about Nerazim history, especially Ehlna and Shakuras.
11th November—Legacy Maps
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void brings a new map pool and a new map philosophy.
10th November—Forge Your Legacy
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void has gone live, bringing the StarCraft II saga to an end. You will need to download patch 3.0.4, the "day one" patch. Afterward, you can test out the new units, which are spotlighted here.
7th November—BlizzCon!
30th October—Legacy of the Void Co-Op Missions
Formerly known as Allied Commanders, co-op missions in LotV will let you and people of the same skill level play randomly-selected missions. Each time the same mission comes up, the AI will act differently. Your commanders will gain levels individually, with higher levels allowing a greater variety of units.
27th October—Sector 6
Blizzard posted the fourth Legacy of the Void web story, Sector 6, today. It focuses on the Moebius Foundation and its Brute Squad.
27th October—HotS Patch 3
Blizzard posted a new UI and bug fix patch for HotS today.
26th October—LotV Beta Ending Soon
Blizzard intends to end the beta for Legacy of the Void on November 2nd. Please remember to uninstall the beta afterward, as it doesn't use the same files as the finished game.
23rd October—LotV Beta Patch
The newest LotV patch focuses on changes to the liberator and carrier.
20th October—New Artanis Comic: Sacrifice
Blizzard unleashed a new webcomic focusing on Artanis, the different factions, and the Brood War timeline.
16th October—LotV Beta Patch
The newest LotV patch makes changes to the cyclone's Lock On system. There are also minor carrier changes and bug fixes.
15th October—HotS Patch 3.0.1
The newest HotS patch focuses on the interface (including community interfaces) and the map editor.
13th October—Children of the Void
Children of the Void, a Legacy of the Void short story featuring Vorazun and Mohandar, has gone live.
9th October—Legacy of the Void Balance Update
The newest LotV beta patch went live. Terran and protoss changes include MULE and warp-in modifications.
6th October—Heart of the Swarm Patch 3 and Play Whispers of Oblivion for Free
Blizzard unleashed Heart of the Swarm Patch 3. As a result, Whispers of Oblivion is playable for free for HotS players.
6th October—Perdition's Crossing
Jim Raynor was assigned a hard mission in the newest Legacy of the Void short story, Perdition's Crossing.
2nd October—Legacy of the Void Balance Update and UI Changes
Blizzard's newest LotV beta patch changes all three races. Blizzard also previews the UI for Legacy of the Void here.
1st October—Legacy of the Void Short Stories
Blizzard is publishing a series of five short stories ahead of Legacy of the Void. The first, Ascension, concerns the followers of Amon, the Tal'darim.
18th September—New Blizzard Novels from Random House
Blizzard has introduced a new partnership with Random House to publish Blizzard universe novels. Timothy Zahn is writing a StarCraft universe novel.
17th September—LotV Balance Update
Blizzard unleashed the latest balance patch for LotV beta.
13th September—LotV Release Date Announced!
Blizzard announced the release date of Legacy of the Void today. They also unveiled a cinematic.
11th September—SC2 Fan Visual Novel
Blizzard has posted information about a fan visual novel featuring a StarCraft II pro-gamer. More information can be found at the news site Kotaku and the official fansite.
3rd September—Balance Update
Blizzard has posted a balance update for Legacy of the Void.
1st September—Save the Date
On September 13th, the intro cinematic and release date of Legacy of the Void will be revealed, along with the conclusion of Season 3 of the WCS.
20th August—Leagcy of the Void beta Patch 2.5.5
The new LotV balance patch, 2.5.5, has gone live! Macro mechanics are getting removed, and units and even spawn points are undergoing changes.
27th July—Happy Anniversary!
The 5th anniversary of StarCraft II has come - get your goodies. By playing between July 27th and August 3rd, you'll get a cool new portrait and every time you kill a worker, it'll explode into confetti!
16th July—Legacy of the Void Balance Update
Blizzard unveiled new changes for all three races in today's beta patch.
15th July—Legacy of the Void Pre-Order
If you pre-order Legacy of the Void, you are automatically entered into the beta, and can play Whispers of Oblivion! Get it now.
13th July—LotV Beta Patch 2.5.3
A LotV beta patch focusing mainly on bug fixes went live on this date.
26th June—Season 3, 2015
Blizzard previews the maps for Season 3, 2015.
22nd June—Whispers of the Void info
Escapist Magazine previews the first two missions of Whispers of Oblivion.
19th June—Balance Update
A balance update has been posted for Legacy of the Void
17th June—Oblivion Awaits
Blizzard has announced Whispers of Oblivion, a three mission prequel campaign for Legacy of the Void
13th June—Balance Preview
Blizzard has posted a balance preview for the Legacy of the Void beta.
13th June—PC Gaming Show
Blizzard has announced that Legacy of the Void will be featured at the PC Gaming Show on June 16th.
2nd June—Heroes of the Storm Launches
On June 2nd, Blizzard hosts the launch event for Heroes of the Storm!
27th May—Introducing the Liberator
Blizzard introduces the liberator with a video and comments from David Kim.
27th May—LotV Patch 2.5.2
The newest LotV patch introduced the liberator, zerg changes, and a host of bug fixes.
21st May—LotV's New Terran Unit: The Liberator
Blizzard's newest LotV balance preview features the new terran starport unit, the liberator! Blizzard is also changing upgrades, vespene rates, and subgrouping.
14th May—LotV Beta Balance Update
Blizzard's newest LotV beta patch focuses on protoss abilities.
12th May—HotS Bug Fix
Blizzard's newest HotS patch stomps a few bugs.
11th May—LotV Balance Preview
Blizzard plans on testing changes to the clock, protoss and zerg in this preview.
28th April—LotV Beta Update
Blizzard made changes to all three races, especially to the terrans and zerg.
27th April—Matchmaking and Ladder Changes
Blizzard is changing the way the ladder works due to feedback from last season, especially the way new players are rated.
27th April—LotV Beta Preview
Blizzard is exploring a new terran unit, plus changes to units for all three races and a small economy change.
23rd April—Gamescom 2015
Blizzard has announced that it will have a presence at Gamescom 2015, on August 5-9. Legacy of the Void will be playable.
17th April—BlizzCon Tickets On Sale Again
15th April—Legacy of the Void Balance Update
All three races saw balance updates in the newest LotV beta patch. In addition, Blizzard released LotV Beta Patch 2.5.1, a bug fix patch.
14th April—Legacy of the Void Balance Update Preview
Blizzard previewed and explained an upcoming LotV patch.
13th April—BlizzCon tickets on sale soon!
BlizzCon 2015 tickets go on sale Wednesday April 15th at 7 PM PDT, and again Saturday April 18th at 10 AM PDT.
10th April—Templar Time
9th April—HotS Balance Patch
Blizzard unveiled a zerg-focused balance patch. The swarm host underwent significant changes, similar to its Legacy of the Void incarnation.
6th April—2015 Season 1 Locked
2015 Season 1 was locked today. Season 2 opens on April 13th.
2nd April—Legacy of the Void Beta Patch 2.5.0!
Blizzard unleashed a small Legacy of the Void bug fix patch.
1st April—April Fools!
It's April 1st, and there's plenty to celebrate
31st March—LEGACY of the VOID BETA STARTS!

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