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1st February—Patch 3.1.2
Art updates! The biggest change is the Tal'darim skin for the colossus, which you can add to your collection of skins by winning two games. You can set this under Options > Gameplay
29th January—Balance Update
A balance update has been posted for Legacy of the Void. Photon Overcharge, the adept and the viper have all seen some change.
26th January—Season 4 Locked
Season 2015 Season 4 has just been locked. 2016 Season 1 opened on February 1st.
22nd January—Call to Action
Blizzard has issued a Call to Action to test protoss and zerg changes.
23rd December—Holiday Game Bonuses
For this holiday season, from December 24th to January 3rd, games will grant double XP, and there will be automated tournaments every hour.
22nd December—Call to Action
Blizzard is testing changes to the disruptor, zergling, viper, thor, adept, ravager, and Photon Overcharge ability. Unlike previous calls to action, the extension mod can be tested on multiple maps.
15th December—Patch 3.1.0
LotV's newest patch is here! Karax is now available in Co-op missions, and there are numerous and map editor changes.
1st December—Nova Covert Ops
Nova Covert Ops is available for pre-purchase. Buying early grants some rewards.
30th November—Call to Arms: Burrow Testing
Blizzard is testing a UI change: different buttons for burrow and unburrow. Test it out on Orbital Shipyards.
26th November—Celebrate with LotV Tournaments
Until the 6th of December, LotV tournaments run every hour and you gain double experience for participating. Go and enjoy!
13th November—The World of Shakuras
Learn about Nerazim history, especially Ehlna and Shakuras.
11th November—Legacy Maps
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void brings a new map pool and a new map philosophy.
10th November—Forge Your Legacy
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void has gone live, bringing the StarCraft II saga to an end. You will need to download patch 3.0.4, the "day one" patch. Afterward, you can test out the new units, which are spotlighted here.
7th November—BlizzCon!

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