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For current news, see StarCraft news. For more past news, see the archives.

22nd August 2007 - StarCraft Patch 1.15.1 Released
Blizzard Entertainment released StarCraft patch 1.15.1 recently. It has fixed bugs such as nukes appearing from random places. Source: Starcraft and Brood War - Patch 1.15.1.
22th August 2007 - StarCraft II Shown at GenCon
StarCraft II was showcased at the RPG convention, GenCon. Sources: Starcraft II at Gen Con 2007, Starcraft II Gencon Indy 2007 Video.
20th August 2007 - StarCraft II playable at Leipzig Games Convention
Blizzard Entertainment revealed that StarCraft® II, Blizzard’s highly-anticipated real-time strategy game, will be playable at the 2007 Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. The Games Convention opens for the trade on Wednesday, 22nd August and is open to the public from Thursday the 23rd to Sunday the 26th of August Source: Blizzard Entertainment® Showcases Playable Titles at Leipzig Games Convention.
21st July 2007 - StarCraft II Publicly Playable Demo Announced
On July 17th, GosuGamers and other websites announced a preview of terran units from SuperPlay magazine. More info can be found in the StarCraft II article and at GosuGamers.
18th July 2007 - StarCraft II Terran Units Previewed in Superplay Magazine
On its website on June 21st, Blizzard Entertainment said a publicly playable multiplayer demo of StarCraft II would be available at BlizzCon. More info can be found in the StarCraft II article and on Blizzard Entertainment's official website.
19th May 2007 - StarCraft II Terran Units Previewed in Superplay Magazine
At Seoul May 19th, Blizzard Entertainment Officially Announced Starcraft II. More info can be found in the appropriate StarCraft II article.

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