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27th July—StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Released
26th July—BlizzCast 14 released
Blizzard released BlizzCast 14 today, focusing on the end of StarCraft II beta. Get it here.
24th July—Blizzard game guide published
Blizzard published their game guide online today covering units,, the campaign, lore, and characters. See the overview here
21st July—Dominion propaganda campaign complete
Blizzard finished the Dominion propaganda campaign with an explosive cinematic here and a little bit of lore here.
21st July—Everything you need to play StarCraft II; What to read if you didn't play the original game.
Kotaku has published an article on everything you need to play StarCraft II, including tutorial videos. They also spotlighted our StarCraft storyline article as the first step. Read it all here.
21st July—Blizzard announces midnight launch plans
Blizzard developers will be on hand at Fry's Electronics at 9 PM, July 26th. To celebrate the event, Blizzard posted a partial list of retailers holding their own midnight launch events. Get that information here.
15th to 16th July—Blizzard launches new StarCraft II beta site; Electronic Download; Developer Chat; System Requirements Released; Real ID FAQ
Today Blizzard launched an expansive StarCraft II beta site, with information on gameplay, media (including a final fansite kit and many never-before-seen pieces of art), and forums. See the new site here.

The full game is available for download here, although it cannot be played until the release date.

In addition, Best Buy hosted a chat with Blizzard developers. Get a transcript here.

Blizzard released the full system requirements to Big Download news. See them here.

Last but not least, Blizzard wrote an FAQ here.
9th July—Blizzard no longer requires Real ID in forums and a single-player technology preview
On July 6th, Blizzard announced that anyone posting or replying to a post on official Blizzard forums would be doing so using their Real ID—including the player's name—in an effort to control trolling and flaming. Due to community responses, Blizzard has rescinded that decision.

In addition, Blizzard spotlighted the Hyperion's technology system in Wings of Liberty here.
7th July—StarCraft II beta patch 16
Blizzard has released StarCraft II beta patch 16, signaling the return of the beta. Get the notes here.
23rd June—Blizzard fanfiction contest
Blizzard is hosting their 2010 fanfiction contest, with entries due August 23rd. Read the rules here.
18th June—Join the Dominion propaganda
Blizzard is displaying Terran Dominion-themed content on their website. By taking quizzes, submitting propaganda posters and linking it to Facebook, more content will be released. See the Dominion area here.
16th/17th June—Blizzard discusses 2.0
Blizzard discusses the future of channels and friends system as well as cross-region play.
10th June—StarCraft II commercial released
Blizzard released a new commercial for StarCraft II during an NBA game. It shows some previously unseen cinematic footage.
9th June—StarCraft II video contest
The winners of the video contest were announced here.
3rd June—StarCraft II beta patch #15 released
StarCraft II beta patch #15 notes released. Get the notes here.
1st June—StarCraft II beta patch #14 released
StarCraft II beta patch #14 released. Get the notes here.
20th May—StarCraft II beta patch #13 released
StarCraft II beta patch #13 released. Get the notes here.
Beta is temporarily ending next month; Patch update.
Blizzard announced that the beta will end on May 31st, 2010 for several weeks. This was later shifted to June 7th. (The game's release date is still expected to be July 27th, 2010.)

StarCraft II beta patch 12.1 was released. See the notes here.
13th May—StarCraft II beta patch #12 released; Collateral Damage short story
StarCraft II beta patch #12 released. Get the notes here.

Blizzard also released a short story on the Thor entitled Collateral Damage.
6th May—StarCraft II beta patch #11 released
StarCraft II beta patch #11 released. Get the notes here.
3rd May—StarCraft II Release Date Announced
Blizzard announces StarCraft II will hit stores on July 27, 2010.
30th April—Twitter developer chat
Blizzard hosted a Twitter developer chat on various topics. See the collection of answers here.
28th April—Macintosh beta available
22nd April—Beta Patch #9, Beta Reset, Galaxy Released, New Single-Player Info
Blizzard released the newest StarCraft II beta patch. A hotfix for a larva bug was released the next day. Get both set of notes here.

In addition, the beta was reset again, the Galaxy Map Editor is finally available, and Blizzard released new information in a Q&A as well as information on three missions plus Wings of Liberty campaign mechanics.
8th April—Collector's Edition announced
The Collector's Edition of StarCraft II: Wings of Libety has been announced. See what goodies are available here
7th April—Beta Patch #8
Blizzard released the newest StarCraft II beta patch. See notes here.
30th March—Beta Patch #7
Blizzard released the newest StarCraft II beta patch. See notes here.
25th March—Beta Patch #6, Beta reset and BlizzCon announced
Blizzard released the newest StarCraft II beta patch. See notes here. The beta database was reset as well, wiping characters, friends lists, profiles and league/ladder placements; see source here. BlizzCon 2010 was also announced; see source here.
16th March—Official Leagues & Ladder FAQ
Blizzard posted an FAQ on the StarCraft II leagues and ladder system. See the forum post here.
12th March—New beta patch, Twitter chat and StarCraft Legacy articles
The fifth StarCraft II beta patch was released today. In addition, Blizzard hosted a Twitter chat on StarCraft II. Find the answers on the official forum.

StarCraft Legacy began to publish articles about the StarCraft II beta. The first two articles show info about the tutorials and images extracted from .mpq files, which includes planet loading screens, upgrade icons and unit portraits.
5th March—Broken Wide short story published
Broken Wide, a short web story, was released on Blizzard's web pages today. Read it here.
4th March— StarCraft II beta patch #3
The third StarCraft II beta patch has been released. Source.
25/26th February—StarCraft II beta patch/BlizzCast 13
The first two StarCraft II beta patches have been released. BlizzCast 13, focusing on StarCraft II beta, was also released today.
17th February—StarCraft II beta launches!
The beta for StarCraft II has been launched. Get your information at the StarCraft Wiki.
10th February—Conference Call: StarCraft II beta in February
Activision Blizzard announced that StarCraft II beta will launch in February 2010. Press Event
9th February— Preview
Blizzard posted an extensive preview for the new, including a video by Greg Canessa. Source.
4th February—Matt Horner biography
Blizzard posted Matt Horner's biography. See it here.
20th January—Activision Blizzard to host 2009 financial info conference call
Activision Blizzard will be hosting a conference call focusing on 2009 financial info on February 10th. Source.
15th January—Mothership short story posted on Blizzard website
Blizzard has posted a mothership-based short story on their website. It includes new artwork and videos. Mothership story.