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8th November—StarCraft II Patch 1.4.2 released
Blizzard released patch today. Few bug fixes and changes to the forge and ghost.
29th September—StarCraft II Patch 1.4.1 released
Blizzard released patch today. Few bug fixes.
20th September—StarCraft II Patch 1.4 released
Blizzard released the massive patch today. See the notes here.
24th August—StarCraft II PTR Patch 1.4 out
Blizzard released a massive balance and bugfix patch on the public test realm. Read the detailed notes.
3rd August—StarCraft II: Starter Edition
An enhanced demo package for Wings of Liberty called the Starter Edition is now available.
28th July—Patch 1.3.6 live
Blizzard released patch today. Few bug fixes. At the same time, server went down for a while.
25th/26th July—BlizzCon site and season 3 starts
Blizzard has launched the new BlizzCon site here, and season 3 has started with a number of changes on the ladder map pool.
19th July—Patch 1.3.5 live
Blizzard released patch today. Few changes.
13th July—Season 3 starts July 26th
StarCraft II's season 2 will be locked July 5th and season 3 will begin July 26th. See seasons for more details.
25th June—StarCraft Legacy Observer Heart of the Swarm Podcast
StarCraft Legacy has posted a Heart of the Swarm Q&A video on their Observer podcast.
21st May—BlizzCon 2011 Tickets for sale
Blizzard sold BlizzCon tickets on May 21st. They're now sold out.
10th May—Patch 1.3.3 live
Blizzard released patch 1.3.3 today. It contained a modest amount of balance changes.
19th April—Patch 1.3.2 live
Blizzard released patch 1.3.2 today. The small patch had no balance changes.
12th April—Devils' Due released
StarCraft II: Devils' Due, focusing on the duo of Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay, is now for sale.
7th April—Colossus short story released
Blizzard has published a short story focusing on the colossus. Read it here.
1st April—StarCraft: Motion Overdrive "released"
As an April Fool's prank, Blizzard "released" a console version of StarCraft II with a gesture-based interface. See the information and video here.
22nd March—Patch 1.3.0!
Blizzard has released Patch 1.3. See the notes at this wiki's patch page.
25th February—PTR Patch 1.3.0!
Blizzard has released the extensive Public Test Region patch 1.3.0 for testing purposes. Get your patch notes here.
15th February—Patch 1.2.1 live!
Blizzard has released patch 1.2.1. Get your patch notes here.
7th February—BlizzCon 2011 announced
Blizzard has announced the date and location of BlizzCon 2011—Anaheim, California on October 21st and 22nd, 2011.
4th February—StarCraft II PRT Patch 1.2.1
Blizzard has made patch 1.2.1 available on the PTR for North American players. See details here.
26th January—Blizzard releases beta maps
Blizzard has made three maps—Aiur Chef, Left2Die and StarJeweled— available for beta testing. They want your feedback.
25th January—Lost Transmissions part 4 released
11th January—Patch 1.2 is live
Blizzard released the massive StarCraft II patch 1.2 today.