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7th March—Cold Symmetry short story released
The zealot-based short story, Cold Symmetry, went live today.
7th March—Kerrigan and Evolution guides
Blizzard released a Kerrigan game guide and an evolution pit guide in anticipation of the release of Heart of the Swarm.
6th March—Kerrigan: Hope and Vengeance #0 free e-comic goes live
Blizzard released issue #0 of the new Kerrigan: Hope and Vengeance via Comixology.
5th March—Blizzard answers Wikia's questions!
For just one day, Blizzard will be answering questions on the Gaming Wikia blog. Post your questions fast!
5th March—Wings of Liberty patch 2.0.5 live
Wings of Liberty patch 2.0.5 went live today. See the notes here.
5th March—2013 Season 1 Locked
Blizzard locked 2013 season 1 today. Hidden ratings will remain. Next season opens March 11th in the evening.
28th February—New Short Story: Frenzy
Another Heart of the Swarm zerg-focused tale, Frenzy, went live today.
28th February—Heart of the Swarm beta ends March 1st
The beta for Heart of the Swarm will end on March 1st; Blizzard will also close the beta test forums. Blizzard recommends deleting the data client, as those files are no longer needed.
26th February—Vengeance Trailer Live
Blizzard put the Vengeance trailer on Youtube following a TwitchTV event.
21st February—Upcoming Vengeance Trailer
On February 26th, in the runup to Heart of the Swarm, Blizzard will release the "Vengeance" trailer in an online event on TwitchTV. At the event, there will be an esports match, and Blizzard will talk about the making of the trailer.
20th February—New Short Story: The Teacher
Another Heart of the Swarm zerg-focused tale, The Teacher, went live today.
19th February—Wings of Liberty Patch 2.0.4 Live
Patch 2.0.4 for Wings of Liberty went live today. The patch is extensive, but contains no balance changes.
19th February—BlizzCon 2013 announced
Blizzard has announced BlizzCon 2013 for November 8th and 9th of this year.
14th February—Wing of Liberty Patch 2.0 Preview
Blizzard will soon launch patch 2.0 for Wings of Liberty, containing many of the same features that will be found in Heart of the Swarm.
13th February—New Short Story: A War On
Another Heart of the Swarm zerg-focused tale, A War On, went live today.
13th February—Call to Action—Replay Feature Testing
Blizzard is asking Heart of the Swarm playtesters to test out the new replay features.
12th February—The Art of Blizzard is out
The Art of Blizzard is published.
9th February—Wings of Liberty download
Wings of Liberty players with the most recent patch are now downloading information in advance of Heart of the Swarm and an upcoming Wings of Liberty patch.
8th February—Heart of the Swarm beta closes March 1st
Blizzard has announced that the public beta for Heart of the Swarm will close on March 1st, 2013. A private beta will continue.
7th February—Heart of the Swarm beta patch #13
Blizzard launched the newest Heart of the Swarm beta patch.
6th February—In The Blood, a Short Story
Blizzard published In the Blood, a short story on their website. It's also available as a downloadable PDF.
5th February—Project Blackstone, Zerg Lore Marketing Campaign
Blizzard has unleashed Project Blackstone, a secret Dominion intelligence project studying the zerg (and also a promotion for Heart of the Swarm). To access the site, login with the password Y7_$0>0k_3<$m and read the messages. In addition, the characters communicate with each other via Twitter. Their entire conversation log can be accessed at Storify.
4th February—Heart of the Swarm launch site
Blizzard opened a Heart of the Swarm launch site in preparation for a global launch party on March 12, 2013.
25th January—Heart of the Swarm beta Call to Action
Blizzard announced a different kind of Call to Action today. Blizzard wants Heart of the Swarm beta testers to test the leveling system. Those who level up a faction to level 30 will get a portrait as a reward. Some portraits represent units removed during development, and this might be the only way to get a hold of them.
24th January—Heart of the Swarm Beta Patch
Blizzard released a small new Heart of the Swarm beta patch. See the note here
24th January—Blizzard release info on Heart of the Swarm
Blizzard released new info, lore and videos concerning Heart of the Swarm gameplay. Check it out here.
22nd January—Creative Development Q&A Part 13 (Final)
Brian Kindregan answers more lore questions. See the details here.
22nd January—Heart of the Swarm press events; opening trailer revealed
Blizzard hosted a secret press event on January 17 with various fansites, where they revealed the opening trailer of Heart of the Swarm, now viewable on Youtube.
17th January—Heart of the Swarm Balance Update #12
Blizzard released an update for Heart of the Swarm beta.
15th January—Creative Development Q&A Part 12
Brian Kindregan answers more lore questions. See the details here.
15th January—Patch 1.5.4 Live
Blizzard released a small patch for Wings of Liberty today. See the patch notes here
11th January—State of Wings of Liberty and Infestor Nerf
Blizzard modified the starting locations of Antiga Shipyard and Entombed Valley. They are also testing an infestor nerf on Antiga Shipyard; infested terrans no longer benefit from attack and armor upgrades.
9th January—Heart of the Swarm Balance Update #11
Blizzard released an update for Heart of the Swarm beta.
7th January—Creative Development Q&A Part 11
Brian Kindregan answers more lore questions. See the details here.
4th January—The Art of Blizzard Launch and Art Exhibition
From January 12, 2013 – February 3, 2013, Gallery Nucleus will be hosting a Blizzard art exhibition, displaying over 50 pieces of Blizzard art, in Alhambra, California. There is a small cover charge, but those who show up in costume get in for free.
3rd January—2013 Season 1 Starts
As of January 3, 2013, 2013 Season 1 has started. Hidden ratings from previous seasons remain.