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13th April 2008 - April Discussion Topic
The current discussion revolves around banelings. Source: Discussion of the Month April: The Baneling.
21st March 2008 - March 2008 Press Events
Blizzard Entertainment hosted a press event in South Korea on March 10th, featuring the zerg. The event included the Zerg Reveal Trailer. In addition, members of various fansites were invited to their California offices for more gaming and discussions. Sources: Starcraft 2 - Zerg Unveiled, Zerg Reveal Trailer, My Day at Blizzard.
14th February 2008 - February/March Discussion Topic: Map Making
The newest "monthly" discussion topic on concerns map making. Source: [ <February/March>Discussion Topic: Map Making.
11th February 2008 - 2008 World Wide Invitational
Blizzard Entertainment has announced another World Wide Invitational taking place in Paris, France on June 28th to 29th, 2008. There will be a playable demo of StarCraft II and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. It will feature discussion panels with Blizzard developers and other events. Source: 2008 BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT® WORLDWIDE INVITATIONAL ANNOUNCED.
2nd February 2008 - BlizzCast Episode II
The second episode of BlizzCast is now available. Discussion topics include an artificial volcano on Bel'Shir. Source: BlizzCast: Taking you deeper into the World of Blizzard: Episode 2.
19th January 2008 - Game Developers Conference
Blizzard Entertainment will attend the Game Developers Conference on February 18th. Source: Blizzard Entertainment.
15th January 2008 - January Monthly Discussion Topic
The current discussion revolves around esports. Source: January Discussion Topic: eSports & SCII.
10th January 2008 - BlizzCast Episode I
Blizzard Entertainment released Episode I of its StarCraft II podcast, BlizzCast, on Wednesday January 10th. Source: BlizzCast: Taking You Deeper into the World of Blizzard: Episode I.
13th December 2007 - Vivendi, parent company of Blizzard, acquires Activision
Blizzard Entertainment recently announced a merger with Activision, the video game producer behind Call of Duty. The merger is expected to be completed in mid-2008, and is subject to shareholder approval. Almost no change is expected at Blizzard Entertainment. Details can be found at the FAQ. Financial details are being covered in newspapers. Sources: Blizzard to Join Forces with Activision, Video game giants in $18bn merger, 0. Activision Blizzard FAQ, Vivendi bets on video games with Activision deal, A Q&A with Blizzard Entertainment’s Chief, Mike Morhaime, on the Activision Blizzard merger.
27th November 2007 - Shadow Hunters novel
26th November 2007 - Zerg Screenshots
The zerg of StarCraft II have finally appeared, attacking terran forces. So far only the zergling, baneling and the "new" overlord have appeared. Source: StarCraft Legacy.
21th November 2007 - The Story So Far
Blizzard Entertainment has posted a slightly different version of the events of StarCraft Episodes I-III (and a bit before). There seems to be a few retcons, which had been previously mentioned in novels (eg. the ranks of Edmund Duke and Artanis). Source: The Story so Far... Part 1: StarCraft.
12th November 2007 - Three Screenshots
Karune has started a lively discussion thread on three new screenshots. These include information about the firebat, Nomad (and the droppable turret), observation post, High templar's Force Field ability, destroyable doodads, and more. Sources: Game Meca screenshots, Chat with Karune about the Screenshots.
7th November 2007 - November Discussion Topic
Blizzard Entertainment has announced its third discussion topic: the multi-talented ghost unit. Source: November Discussion Topic: New Terran Ghost.
Chris Metzen Exclusive Interview at StarCraft Legacy
Check StarCraft Legacy for an exclusive interview with StarCraft II's Lore chief Chris Metzen. Confirmation of the interview at this post.
Fansite Kit Download Available
Check out the downloads page - the information is being added to the site.