17th December - Q&A Batch 47 is up
The 47th forum Q&A was posted by Karune earlier today. It answers questions on moving-and-shooting units such as the mutalisk, and the overlord can transport units again! Link: Batch 47
17th December - StarCraft: Brood War board game available for sale
The StarCraft: The Board Game: Brood War by Fantasy Flight Games is now on sale. Check out the features available for viewing and downloading at their site. Source: Fantasy Flight Games
10th December - ICCUP is back
International Cyber Cup is back online. It is currently using StarCraft patch 1.15 due to fears of bugs in the newest patch. Links: and StarCraft Legacy
9th December 2008 - StarCraft Comics Contest Winners
Blizzard Entertainment has posted the winners of the first monthly Vespene Laughs contest. Link: [1]
2nd December 2008 - Two new StarCraft comic sketches
Shawn Moll displayed some new images from the StarCraft comic today, although he believes one was later canceled. Source: [2]
1st and 2nd December 2008 - Cydra and Karune posting spree
Blizzard community moderators Cydra and Karune began a spree of posts on the official forums. Topics included the requirements for the hydralisk den and for the deep warren, how the corruptor works, unit ranges, and information on the creep.
26th November 2008 - StarCraft II at Dreamhack
A StarCraft II demo will be available to play at Dreamhack Winter 2008, a Swedish LAN party, on November 27-30th. Source: Diablo III forums, Dreamhack site.
24th November 2008 - StarCraft Patch 1.16
StarCraft patch 1.16 is now available. Notes at Blizzard Support.
18th November 2008 - BlizzCast 6
The new BlizzCast is available at the European site. Dustin Browder and Samwise Didier discuss unit conception.
7th November 2008 - What do you think about Mothership?
Cydra asks the fans what they think of the mothership at the official forum.
28th October 2008 - Karune's Q&A Batch 45
Karune presented the newest Q&A batch. Topics included hallucination, mutant larvae, creep, nydus networks, and the Thor. Source: [3]
8th October 2008 - New forums
We've just brought our brand-new forums online. The new forums bring a host of new features and stability, as well as helpful tools for us to better moderate and organize posts. They're available right now -- to access them, visit:
The forum login requirements remain the same. In order to post you will need an account created by a supported game and a CD-key.
These forums will no longer be open for posting, but if you'd like to copy a thread or back up some information, they'll remain available until Monday, October 13.
The benefits of implementing these new forums are numerous, and we hope you're as excited as we are to see this step toward the continued growth and support of our community.
See the new StarCraft II forum at [4]
6th October 2008 - Blizzforums collects 5 "new" StarCraft II gameplay videos
Blizzforums has collected youtube videos of five never before seen videos of StarCraft II gameplay from the Penny Arcade Expo and earlier events. Highlights include a zerg gameplay video and a Savior terran gameplay video. Details at [5].
6th October 2008 - Jeuxvideo collects new (and old) StarCraft II images.
Jeuxvideo and other StarCraft fansites have collected 11 StarCraft II images. Some of the images have been seen months before, while others are new. Details at Jeuxvideo (French).
3rd October 2008 - Judgehype I <3 SC Contest : Blizzard Interview
Judgehype conducted an interview with Blizzard Entertainment due to its good performance in the I ♥ StarCraft contest. The interview features seven questions on topics such as water, the battlecruiser, and the firebat. Details at [6].
24th September 2008 - BlizzCon Live Stream !!!
WoW Radio will be streaming BlizzCon's announcements and panels live and for free. Afterwards the material will be packaged into podcasts for later downloading and listening. Details at Blizzplanet's announcement and WoW radio podcast.
17th September 2008 - Get DIRECTV, Watch BlizzCon Free
Spectators can sign up for 16 hours of free DIRECTV BlizzCon 2008 coverage if they order DIRECTV by September 30th and activate the service by October 9th. The promotion is only available to new subscribers who sign up at or call 1-800-728-9375; current subscribers can sign up for the BlizzCon package for $39.95 starting September 28th. Details at [7]
16th September 2008 - BlizzCon 2008 Ticket Drawing -- Sold Out
The special BlizzCon ticket draw is over. Details at [8]
15th September 2008 - StarCraft II Discussion Topic: Zerg Creep
Zerg units now move faster on creep (except drones), and creep tumors burrow and are now smaller. Details at the forum
11th September 2008 - Patch 1.15.3 available
Blizzard Entertainment has posted Patch 1.15.3. Source: [9]
5th September 2008 - New Assistant RTS Community Manager
Cydra is Blizzard Entertainment's newest community manager. Details at [10]
5th September 2008 - StarCraft II Q&A - Batch 44
Karune posted the 44th StarCraft II Q&A. See it at StarCraft II Q&A - Batch 44
4th September 2008 - Blizzard Entertainment® Soundtracks Now On iTunes
The StarCraft Original Soundtrack is now available at the Blizzard Entertainment store. Details at [11]
3rd September 2008 - Vespene Laughs: A Blizzard Comiccraft Series
Blizzard Entertainment is hosting a StarCraft II comics contest. The funniest comics will be showcased on a special gallery page. Three people will win prizes; the winner will get prizes such as StarCraft the Board Game, a Blizzard-branded iPod nano and a StarCraft cinematics DVC. Details at [12]