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5th April 2009 – StarCraft II beta image found on
A StarCraft II beta logo was found on the official site. Source/image: [1]. Other images were found depicting a StarCraft II "pre-beta".

Blizzard Entertainment has not announced the beta for StarCraft II, so these images should be considered unofficial.
4th April 2009 – Tokyopop comic submission
Artists can contribute to a Tokyopop Warcraft art contest. Winning artists will be considered by TOKYOPOP for contributions in upcoming volumes of both Warcraft: Legends and StarCraft: Frontline. Rules at the Comic Submission. Thanks to Blizzplanet for the news alert.
1st April 2009 – StarCraft Fan Channel on Youtube
To commemorate StarCraft's 11th anniversary, Blizzard is collecting StarCraft videos, many of which are humorous. Forum post with info
April Fool's 2009 – Terra-tron unit
As an April Fool's gag, Blizzard Entertainment created the terra-tron unit, a Transformers-inspired unit. Link.
1 April 2009 – Fansite beta key opportunities
Several fansites–StarCraft Legacy,, StarCraft 2 Forums and StarCraft Zone–are offering beta keys to applicants as of March 31, 2009. The contest closed April 2nd. Blizzard Entertainment has not yet set a beta date. Source: StarCraft Legacy.
30th March 2009 – BlizzCast 8
BlizzCast 8 was announced recently. It was mostly about Diablo III but several StarCraft II questions were answered as well. Link: BlizzCast 8
23rd March 2009 – BlizzCon 2008 Keys
Holders of keys from BlizzCon 2008 can now register them at Blizzard will then email them beta keys when the beta is ready. Source: How to use your BlizzCon 2008 Keys for SCII.
23rd March 2009 – StarCraft Comic Issue #2 Announced
The second issue of the StarCraft comic has been announced.

Based on the worldwide hit videogame! The War Pigs' quest to find and assassinate Jim Raynor begins in earnest. But before they can get anywhere fast, they first have to wrest their ship, the General Lee, from the hands of cutthroat pirates! Plus, just who is Cole Hickson? And what dark secrets from his past and present does he harbor? One way or another, the War Pigs are in for a rough ride. Source: DC Comics.
23rd March 2009 – Vespene Laughs Winners Announced
Karune announced four Vespene Laughs comic contest winners for March. All four got beta keys. Source: [2] See the comics here.
20th March 2009 – New Beta News!
At the new, a beta opt-in selection is available in the communications preferences. "By opting in, this account will have a chance to be invited to beta tests for upcoming Blizzard Entertainment games." Blizzard has not stated which game the opt-in is for. When the StarCraft II beta is ready, "BlizzCon beta key holders will be able to enter their key through their account management page. There currently isn't an option to do that yet since the beta has not yet started." Source

Please note there are hoaxes surrounding the opt-in, such as photoshopped photos. Karune explicitly called the photo fake.
19th March 2009 – Batch 50 is up
17th March 2009 – Beta sign-up info
Karune posted information on new beta opportunities on this forum thread. New opportunities include a beta opt-in, BlizzCast events, finding Jim Raynor in screenshots (only new finds), StarCraft II trivia and fansites.

Karune also posted gameplay information in several threads.
16th March 2009 – Karune's new posts
13th March 2009 – Blizzard Creative Writing Contest
Blizzard Entertainment is hosting a creative writing contest in each of its three universes, including StarCraft. Contestants are required to write a 3,000 to 10,000 word English language story set in one of the universes and submit it by April 12th. The grand prize is a trip to Blizzard headquarters where the winner will meet the lore writers, as well as win a Frostmourne sword. Seven runner-ups will win numerous lore products, including a signed copy of the StarCraft Archive. Source: [3]. Rules.
13th March 2009 – StarCraft Comic Subscription and Pre-Orders Available
The StarCraft comic is now available for subscription pre-order, and has been confirmed as having 12 issues. Sources: [4] and Blizzplanet.
12th March 2009 – Warcraft III: Frozen Throne Tournament gives StarCraft II beta keys
The top 20 contestants in the Blizzard 2009 Frozen Throne tournament will win a StarCraft II beta key. To enter, simply play on; the contest will be available as a game type and continues for three weeks. Sources: Warcraft III 2009 Tournament FAQ and Warcraft III 2009 Tournament Preview. The tournament is on now. Source: Blizzplanet.
5th March 2009 – CS, WC3, SC and more in ESWC Masters Cheonan
The 2009 Cheonan International E-Sports Culture Festival will hold a StarCraft tournament May 2nd to 5th of this year. The winner will receive $9000 US. Source: SK-Gaming and (in Korean).
24th February 2009 – Glynnis Talken not voicing Kerrigan
Neither Glynnis Talken nor Robert Clotworthy will be reprising their roles as Sarah Kerrigan and Jim Raynor in StarCraft II. Source: StarCraft Legacy: The Voices of StarCraft II
24th February 2009 – Blizzard Theme Park Contest
Blizzard Entertainment is challenging fans to create a Blizzard-themed park. Source: Blizzard Entertainment. The winner will receive a pair of StarCraft II beta keys and a chance to showcase their designs at BlizzCon 2009. Source: forums. Rules.
19th February 2009 – POLL: What do you think of the new mechanics?
Blizzard is hosting a poll on their forums called "What do you think about the new game mechanics?" The new mechanics, discussed in Q&A Batch 49 February 18th, revolve around macromanagement and deal with the queen, orbital command and dark pylon. Poll.
18th February 2009 – Q&A Batch 49.
The 49th forum Q&A was posted by Karune earlier today. Topics included zerg unit art updates, the dark pylon and orbital command macro mechanics (which include the new terran MULE), slight changes to the queen, and general zerg unit info and changes. In addition, Karune and Cydra answered numerous questions in the thread, as well as general threads in the forum. Link: Batch 49
17th February 2009 – StarCraft comic info available.
New StarCraft comic information has been released. Issue #1 is coming out May 27, 2009. Source: Blizzplanet
17th February 2009 – BlizzCon 2009 date announced
Blizzard is hosting BlizzCon 2009 in Anaheim, California on August 21st and 22nd, 2009. Source: Blizzplanet