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22nd June–Battle Report 3 and Press Conference
Battle Report 3 has been officially released. View it.

Blizzard is holding a press conference today starring 2.0, but the information is being kept under wraps for a week. A little info
15th June–StarCraft Issue #5 Solicitation
DC Comics has revealed the release date, cover image and blurb of StarCraft: Issue 5. Link.
12th June–Karune's Q&A Batch 52: Mapmaker Edition released
The newest Q&A Batch from Blizzard concerns mapmaking, mainly scripting details and the new map editor scripting language, "Galaxy". Source: Batch 52.
10th June–StarCraft comic Interview
Simon Furman, author of the StarCraft comic series held an interview with Blizzplanet. It revealed information about the individual War Pigs and where the comic is heading, including future links to extremely important characters to the StarCraft universe. See the interview here.
Blizzard Logo1 10th June–Warcraft competition with StarCraft II gameplay

The 2009 Warcraft Regional Finals Tournament is a competition featuring the best Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne & World of Warcraft Arena players from North America and Europe. This tournament will decide who advances to the finals to be held at BlizzCon in August

The 2009 Regional Finals is a free event: no tickets will be sold. Simply, make your way to the KOMED Meeting-Centre at the Cologne Mediapark from June 26th till June 28TH and take part in the festivities.

In addition to watching the live matches between world-class gamers, attendees will have a chance to play-test the latest version of Starcraft II in the free-play gaming area. Also available will be Wrath of the Lich King versions of World of Warcraft for those wanting to explore the features of this latest expansion.

10th June– BlizzCon ticket contest is offering 2 BlizzCon 2009 tickets. See the contest details.
6th June–Campaign Creations Contest
Campaign Creations is hosting a StarCraft II beta key contest. The three winners will each win two beta keys, along with other prizes. Contest details.
5th to 9th June–StarCraft Legacy Contests
StarCraft Legacy is holding a trivia contest. The top three contestants will win a BlizzCon 2009 ticket and StarCraft II beta key. The fourth place contestant will win a beta key. Link.

Legacy is also holding a guest editorial contest. The top four winners will each win a beta key. Contest details.

Legacy is also holding a hero contest. The top four winners will each win a beta key. Contest link.

Legacy opened up a fanfiction contest. The top four winners will each win a beta key. Contest link.
5th June–Guinness Book of World Record for StarCraft
The Guinness Book of World Records awarded StarCraft for being the best-selling RTS with 9.5 million copies sold. Link to the story.
3rd June–StarCraft Wiki BlizzCon ticket and other ticket contests
The StarCraft Wiki is hosting its own BlizzCon 2009 ticket contest, in conjunction with wikia, Diablo Wiki and WoWWiki. We're interested in your best limericks. There are three tickets up for grabs in total. Get involved at the BlizzCon Contest 2009 page!

In addition, SC2Pod is hosting their own contest for three BlizzCon tickets. Link: SC2Pod contest.

StarCraft 2 Forums is also hosting their own contest. Contestants submit a joke to their contest, and the writer of the best joke gets 2 BlizzCon tickets. Link: StarCraft 2 Forum BlizzCon ticket contest.
1st June 2009–Teamliquid beta key contest
Teamliquid is holding a StarCraft II beta key contest for 20 beta keys. The three winners for each of the three contests: baking a StarCraft-themed cake, writing a guide or winning one of several iron man tournaments will win two beta keys each. Link: Teamliquid. See the (currently short) list of fansite beta key opportunities here.
1st June 2009–StarCraft II Armory BlizzCon contest
StarCraft II Armory is hosting a BlizzCon 2009 ticket contest. Armory members can enter information into a raffle, and three will receive the grand prize of a BlizzCon ticket. Source and rules.
Mike Morhaime expects StarCraft II to be out in 2009.
In a webcast, Mike Morhaime, president and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, said he expected StarCraft II to launch this year, but also noted that it will only ship once the game is done. Source link.
30th May 2009–StarCraft 2 Forum StarCraft II beta key contest
StarCraft 2 Forum is holding a StarCraft II beta key contest for 18 beta keys. Contestants create videos for one of six categories and put them on youtube. The top contestants will win beta keys. Links: StarCraft 2 Forum Contest, StarCraft 2 Forum Contest.
30th May 2009–BlizzCon 2009 tickets on sale
BlizzCon 2009 tickets went on sale at 10 AM Pacific Time (1 PM Eastern Standard Time). While waiting for tickets, buyers could play Failoc-alypse, a flash game. The tickets have sold out.
28th May 2009–StarCraft 2 Armory Q&A out
StarCraft 2 Armory's Q&A went live today. Topics include macromanagement, the battlecruiser, mutalisk stacking, corruptor mechanics, infestor abilities, ghosts and disruptor illusions. Link: StarCraft 2 Armory.
27th May 2009–Batch 51 is out, and Beta Opt-in Update
Karune posted the 51st Q&A batch today. In addition, European gamers can now access the StarCraft II beta opt-in.