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18th December—StarCraft II support page at Blizzard website
Blizzard Entertainment's support website contains information about StarCraft II. Only basic help is available however, and the game has not yet entered beta, so this is an unexpectedly early event. Source.
16th December—StarCraft comic canceled after seven issues; new graphic novels
DC Comics announced the cancelation of the StarCraft comic series after issue 7. Instead, it intends to refocus its efforts on a series of original graphic novels. Source
3rd/4th December—Teamliquid interviews Dustin Browder and Chris Sigaty's IgroMir interview interviewed Dustin Browder on topics such as game development, progaming and macromanagement. The Blizzard community had an interview with Chris Sigaty at IgroMir.
1st December—StarCraft at Facebook
Twitter's @StarCraft channel announced the official StarCraft Facebook page. Source: Twitter.
26th November—StarCraft II at Dreamhack 2009
StarCraft II will be playable at the Dreamhack contest, November 26-28 2009. See the sources and videos.
18th November—StarCraft II page updated and Q&A Batch 55
The official StarCraft II website,, underwent a massive series of updates today. There is new (and updated) hero lore, a short story based on the changeling, new artwork and new screenshots. There is also info on making single-player and multiplayer maps.

Cydra posted Q&A batch 55 today, mainly revolving around the map editor and technical details. See it here.
6th November—IgroMir 2009 StarCraft II event
Blizzard held a three day StarCraft II event at IgroMir 2009 in Russia. See a compilation of information at StarCraft Legacy. A number of sites are also reporting that the StarCraft II beta has been delayed until 2010.
5th November—Xel'Naga Storyline Projection 2: Twilight
StarCraft Legacy posted a lengthy article on xel'naga speculation, based on Twilight, as well as related topics such as Samir Duran, Zamara, Ulrezaj, infested protoss, energy creatures, and the Anakh Su'n. See it here.
30th October—The Return of Vespene Laughs
Vespene Laughs has returned. Entries are accepted from October 2009 to April 2010. See the contest info here.
29th October–BlizzCast 11 released
BlizzCast 11 was released. The information was mostly about BlizzCon 2009. Source: BlizzCast
21st October–Battle Report 4 released
Battle Report 4 has been officially released. See it here.
15th October–Q&A Batch 54 released today
For the first time, Cydra hosted a Q&A batch. See it here.
30th September–Q&A Batch 53 released today
Karune posted the newest Q&A, batch 53, mainly focusing on map development. See it here.
29th September–Blizzard's new website
Blizzard Entertainment has launched their new website today, complete with high-definition game trailers. See it here.
27th September–BlizzCon StarCraft II 2 vs 2 Exhibition Match
Four Blizzard Entertainment employees clashed in a match at BlizzCon 2009. See it at Blizzard's video archive.
21st September–StarCraft Legacy BlizzCon Q&A
StarCraft Legacy put up their BlizzCon Q&A today. See it at their site.
5th September–StarCraft comic: Issue 4 preview
StarCraft #4 has been previewed at DC comics. Download the preview from here.
17th August–Wings of Liberty single player preview
StarCraft Legacy and release a preview of the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty single player campaign.
14th August–Official StarCraft Twitter
Blizzard has opened a Twitter account here. They are running a "biggest SC2 fan" contest, with 500 StarCraft II beta keys available for the winners.
7th August–StarCraft Frontline 4 preview scans
Tokyopop has released preview scans of StarCraft: Frontline: Volume 4 here
5th August–StarCraft II Delayed into 2010
Cydra announces StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will be delayed past 2009 to give time to develop
27th July–StarCraft II Wraith First Appearance
StarCraft-Source recently got a new StarCraft II screenshot showing a returning StarCraft unit in single player, the Wraith. View the image at the source.
24th July–StarCraft 2 Exhibition Match at E-Stars Seoul 2009
Several StarCraft II exhibition matches took place at E-Stars Seoul 2009 using the Korean version of StarCraft II (with Korean unit names, etc). Source: StarCraft Legacy
6th July–June Vespene Laughs update
Vespene Laughs posted the three June winners. See the comics here.
3rd July–New Q&A
Dustin Browder granted a new Q&A, covering topics such as Banshees, colossi and infested protoss. Link to the Q&A.
29th June–The Original Jim Raynor's Back!
Robert Clotworthy has returned to voice Jim Raynor. See source link here.
29th June–StarCraft II Press Event; and Multiplayer
Blizzard Entertainment hosted a press event with numerous fansites June the 22nd, but information could not be released until today. The event focused on the new (which still isn't ready to go) and multiplayer gameplay, along with a Q&A session with Dustin Browder.

Various coverage: StarCraft Legacy, StarCraft 2 Armory, Starfeeder, StarCraft Source, Shacknews, G4TV and StarCraft Wire.
28th June–Frontline volumes 3 and 4 info
Tokyopop released some information on the upcoming StarCraft: Frontline graphic novels, volume 3 and volume 4.

Volume 3 Info: The story of Colin Phash will continue, leading to the upcoming graphic novel series StarCraft: Ghost Academy.

Volume 4 Info: One of the stories will be written by Chris Metzen and feature Jim Raynor, leading directly to the storyline of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Another story will continue the tale of Colin Phash and feature the Ghost Academy. The other two stories will feature dark templar and a reaper squad.

See the original info here.