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StarDodgeBall is an Arcade map for StarCraft II that has been spotlighted by Blizzard Entertainment.


Players have a choice of 15 hero units to choose from. The game is played over several rounds, akin to an actual dodge ball game. This leads up to a last man standing round. More kills means more money to spend on upgrades between rounds, including upgrades to your hero’s throwing power, speed, and health. Each hero also has a unique offensive and defensive ability that can be upgraded for maximum potency. The game tracks a player's performance between matches, so as they level up, they will gain access to new dodge ball shapes.[1]


The game was devloped by Rut. Influence was taken from Photon Disks, another custom map. Rut's brother helped with the UI, and his brother-in-law and wife also helped.[1]


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