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This article or section contains information from the optional Rebellion Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

" Strike team Charlie, get to that tower! Bring down those rebels!"

- General Horace Warfield(src)

Strike Team Charlie

Military unit




General Horace Warfield


TerranDominion Logo2a Terran Dominion


Augustgrad, Korhal

  Strike Team Charlie was a Dominion Armed Forces unit stationed in Augustgrad during the Second Great War. When Raynor's Raiders attacked the city with the Odin, they were commanded by General Horace Warfield to intercept the rebels.[1]

Game EffectEdit

Strike Team Charlie is dispatched when the Raiders attack the eastern broadcast tower in "Media Blitz", and consists primarily of diamondbacks and siege tanks with a handful of vikings and wraiths. On higher-level difficulties battlecruisers and ravens may be among them as well.


Cut lines found in Galaxy Map Editor indicate that the unit may have been called "Death Dealers" or "Mad Dogs" in development.[2]


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