Styrling was the capital city of Korhal before the nuclear bombardment devastated the world.


Styrling was a huge metropolis and was widely considered to be beautiful and wealthy. A web of flyovers traveled throughout the city and most of its buildings were composed of neosteel and glass, reflecting the light of Korhal's star. Megacorporations and the Old Families competed in building tall and beautiful structures, many of them towering stalagmite-like structures. The original curving city walls were outgrown and the city's ever expanding industrial complex cut into the verdant and lush countryside that surrounded the metropolis. Law and order was maintained by the Styrling Police Force.[1]

During the Rebellion of Korhal the Styrling's Confederate outpost fell into rebel hands. The rebels also heavily fortified the city. Nearly a year was spent augmenting the anti-air defenses. A network of missile turrets was placed on the city's outer perimeter. A guardwalk made up the outer walls.[2]

In Styrling's last days, Colonel Achton Feld commanded rebel forces from the city. Ultimately the Confederates opted not to meet the entrenched rebels on the ground and instead leveled the city and the planet with Apocalypse-class nuclear warheads.[2]

Known LocationsEdit


When the Terran Dominion came to power Augustgrad became the "restored capital" of Korhal. This may be a reference to Styrling.[3]

A location known as "Ruins of Styrling" appears as a contestable territory in RISK: StarCraft.[4]


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