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- Academy motto (Greek for "Ever to be the best.")(src)

The Styrling Academy was a center for higher learning, based in Styrling, Korhal prior to its destruction.. Having existed since at least the latter half of the 24th century, it was situated in a district "of culture and breeding".


Students were required to wear identical school uniforms and studied subjects such as history, politics, and fencing, all taught by high quality tutors. Its library provided background material on subjects such as geology, psychology, politics, and warfare, and the academy had its own school band and sports teams such as padball. However, the academy had high tuition fees and demand for places at the academy outstripped supply.

Keeping in with its reputation, the academy ensured that its students had a 100% graduation rate.


The academy had grounds of well maintained lush parkland and playing fields, the academy's clock spire looming over them. The academy itself was a building of polished gray granite. A columned portico sheltered the entrance and its triangular pediment decorated with heroic individuals and symbols of academic and martial excellence. The assembly hall was located in the main block of the academy, a vaulted chamber of cedar-painted walls, portraits of illustrious former students, high ceilings, and oak beams. The students would gather here every morning to listen to the day's announcements.

The academy forbade students from venturing into the area outside it. Students were kept within the grounds by walls and security patrols, and the interior of the academy was also fitted with sophisticated surveillance and eavesdropping equipment. However, Arcturus Mengsk and his companions were able to venture outside the academy numerous times. While security was 'improved' under the tenure of Principal Isaac Steegman, all that resulted from a fundraiser held to help improve the security for the students was merely a brick gatehouse and two wooden sawhorses as part of a checkpoint to the campus proper. Despite excessive donations, most of the money ended up lining Principal Steegman's own pockets. However, upon graduation, Mengsk exposed Steegman's corruption, and, much to the joy of Mengsk and other students, Steegman was arrested, found guilty, and sentenced to imprisonment in the Bhar-el penal colony for sixty years.

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