BlackHole SC1 Map1

A map of the station, the black hole in the center.

Summeria V was a diplomatic space station, heralded as a "final, finest hope for peace." It was fraught with problems from the outset however, ranging from elder races struggling for political dominance to the drama and personal feuds among the members of the command staff. In the end however, the station's fall did not come from diplomatic conflict, but rather from the formation of a small black hole at the heart of the complex. The cause of the formation is unknown, but theories include the involvement of a xel'naga artifact, creating the black hole when it went awry, others believing that the black hole had been there all along, shifted into the material universe's space-time continuum during unauthorized weapons testing.

In the midst of disaster, the station's races weren't any more united than they were in diplomacy. The station commander told his officers that the black hole was draining the station's power, hostile forces were stealing valuable secrets, and all the station commander's buildings had been destroyed. The commander intended to destroy his enemies and then abandon the station. Arrayed against the commander was "the Alliance", elder races, and "Station Riffraff", although the status of the alliances may have shifted during the battle.


This station is an in-joke based on the titular space station of the science fiction TV series, Babylon 5 (which was also built to establish peace among different species, and failed in some cases).


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