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Supply is a terran gameplay counter limiting the size of a terran force. The number of counters is increased by constructing select units, to a maximum of 200. New units may be produced so long as the cumulative supply "cost" of all active units does not exceed the number of available supply counters.

Protoss psi and zerg control serve the same purpose as supply.

In strategy discussions, supply levels may be denoted as x/y, where x is the supply used, and y is the total available supply.


Here is a list of how much supply each unit takes in StarCraft:

Supply Terran SC1 Building/Unit
10 Command center
8 Supply depot
Supply Terran SC1 Building/Unit
1 SCV · Marine · Firebat · Medic · Ghost
2 Goliath · Siege tank · Vulture · Wraith · Dropship · Science vessel
3 Valkyrie
6 Battlecruiser
8 Armed Nuclear Silo

StarCraft IIEdit

Here is a list of how much supply each unit takes in StarCraft II:

TerranSupply SC2 Icon1 Building/Unit
16 Supply depot with Calldown: Supplies
15 Command center (LotV)
11 Command center (WoL/HotS) · Orbital command · Planetary fortress
8 Supply depot
TerranSupply SC2 Icon1 Building/Unit
0 MULE · Nuke
1 SCV · Marine · Reaper · Medic
2 Ghost · Hellbat · Hellion · Marauder · Viking · Medivac dropship · Raven · Spectre · Vulture · Firebat · Science vessel · Wraith · Predator · Widow mine
3 Banshee · Siege tank · Goliath
4 Diamondback
6 Battlecruiser · Thor · Hercules dropship

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