Sutur V is a planet located within the Koprulu Sector. It was once a lush green world colonized by two separate factions. The Northern faction believed the world should be developed by building a huge space platform over the world, using giant robots to extract the mineral wealth to pay for the station's construction. The Southern faction hold nature sacred. The northern faction became known as the Northern Platformers and the southern faction became known as the Southern Druids.

The war has been going on so long that both sides have largely forgotten the reasons behind the war, but their leaders still force them to fight. Both sides have suffered a moral defeat; the wildlife mostly died out, and while the northern platform covers most of the northern half of the world, the robotic mining machines have ceased to function. Nonetheless, the war drags on.

Mercenary leader Commander Hale participated in the battle, even though his troops seemed more interested in playing cards than in fighting.

Game MapEdit

Sutur V's space platform appears as a multiplayer map in StarCraft.


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