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"Before we became The Chosen, we were The Forged. And we can never be broken."

- A Tal'darim mothership pilot.(src)

Tal'darim, "The Forged"
Tal'darim SC2-LotV Logo2

Protoss sect loyal to the Xel'naga and to an extent Amon




Ma'lash (Amon branch, ?–2506) Alarak (Amon Branch, 2506–) Ulrezaj (Aiur branch, between 25002503)


Alarak (Amon branch)


HybridHonors SC2 Decal1 Amon (Amon branch)


Caverns beneath Aiur (Between 2500–2503)
Slayn (Amon branch)

Official language


Date established

Millions of years ago (origins)
Between 25002503 (Aiur branch)

Date fragmented

2503 (Aiur branch)



The Tal'darim, otherwise referred to as "the Forged"[1] or "the Chosen",[2] are a sect of protoss that stand apart from both the Khalai and Nerazim.[3] They do not use the Khala, and are not part of the main protoss body.[4][5]


An ancient faction, the Tal'darim have spent countless ages in the service of Amon, who they worship fanatically. They claim to be the "chosen" of the xel'naga.[2] They possess a culture that is distinct from their Khalai and Nerazim counterparts, as is their manner of thought.[3] Their name, which translates as "The Forged",[1] was taken from a group of mythological servants to the xel'naga.[4] The main body of the Tal'darim worship Amon, a dead xel'naga, as their god. Sarah Kerrigan claimed that their devotion made them even more dangerous.[6][7] At least some Khalai regard them as heretics, believing them devoted servants of the xel'naga for years, until discovering their true allegiance to Amon.[8]

Tal'darim inhabit many planets, mainly for the purpose of collecting terrazine believed to be a mystical resource, which was present on several worlds.[4][9]

Some remained on worlds such as Monlyth after they had been mostly abandoned centuries ago.[10] In addition, some protoss who were stranded on Aiur after its evacuation call themselves Tal'darim.[1]

The Tal'darim typically stay away from Daelaam planets, and have done so for a long time.[8] Hostile toward outsiders, the Tal’darim have little interaction with other protoss, and do not seem concerned with evangelizing their mission beyond their ranks.[2] However, closer examination of their war machines revealed them to be exact duplicates of Khalai designs, with little variation beyond construction materials. This has led to speculation that tales of lost Khalai expeditions and missing patrols over the eons may have been the result of encounters with the Tal'darim pilfering their technology instead. Their hostility has also extended to terrans, such as the Terran Dominion,[5] and even Jim Raynor who has befriended other branches of the protoss.[10]

Drug UseEdit

At least some branches use terrazine (the "Breath of Creation") as a drug, which expands their senses, believing it brings them closer to the xel'naga.[4]

Other branches of the Tal'darim abuse the drug sundrop, which cuts them off from the Khala. The Tal'darim of Aiur were deliberately introduced to this substance without completely informing them of its effects by the dark archon Ulrezaj.[1]


The name "Tal'darim" has been borne by various protoss, at times with noticeable differences between groups

Amon BranchEdit

"They serve Amon willingly. They worship him."
"They worship a dead god?"
"That makes them even more dangerous."

- Sarah Kerrigan and Izsha discussing the Tal'darim that serve Amon(src)

Statue SC2-LotV DevGame1

An example of Tal'darim architecture

Effectively the main body of the Tal'darim,[2] the Amon-worshiping Tal'darim based their homeworld in Slayn.[11] They also defended Amon's temple at Skygeirr Platform, working directly with Amon's servant, Emil Narud, willingly allowing him to experiment on them for his goals.[12] Prior to Amon's resurrection they also stood vigil over his body on the planet Atrias, and continued to follow his instructions from there.[8] They worship Amon as a singular deity,[13] and follow his creed, even carving His words into their bodies as demonstrations of their zeal. They believe that it is through Amon's will that the Breath of Creation is shared with them, and it is through His blessing that one may travel safely through the Void. That once Amon has undone the "corrupt" cycle of the xel'naga, they will be their own masters, and the Day of Ascension will come.[5]

These Tal'darim believe in the concept of survival of the fittest and carry out sacrifice.[14] In the day cycle of Slayn, these Tal'darim are expected to fend for themselves, while at night, all are equal in their god's gaze.[5] Their society operates with the concept of the Chain of Ascension—obey those above you, while being superior to those below you. One may ascend the chain through Rak'Shir duels, or simply move up as openings in the chain are created. Those high up in the chain are referred to as ascendants, while the top of the chain is the highlord, of which there have been many. It is their philosophy that as the weak are removed from the chain, the Tal'darim grow stronger. Attacking a superior outside a Rak'Shir duel is punished through public execution.[5]

The architecture of these Tal'darim bears some resemblance to that found within Daelaam society, but it utilizes "harsher" edges,[14] and stands "tall and proud."[5]

Aiur BranchEdit

The Tal'darim of Aiur were a splinter group of the Shel'na Kryhas (the primary band of survivors), which they philosophically oppose, and moved into the Aiur caverns in order to separate themselves from the Shel'na Kryhas. They became addicted to the drug, Sundrop, dispensed to them by their Benefactor, the Xava'tor.

The Tal'darim of Aiur were similar to the Dark Templar and the protoss from the Aeon of Strife in mentality and outlook. Sundrop altered their brain chemistry to be more like the Dark Templar. Despite this, these Tal'darim hated and distrusted the Dark Templar; they had no idea they were being converted into them. This alteration enabled them to learn new techniques, such as cloaking. Preserver Zamara was able to access their memories upon the deaths of some members (which she cannot do with Dark Templar).

They served a Benefactor, whom they call the Xava'tor; however, only Felanis seemed to know more than a little about him, as the Xava'tor did not allow the other Tal'darim to directly interact with him.

The Xava'tor introduced them to Sundrop and taught them to trap zerg and bring them to him. They seemed to suffer fewer losses from the zerg. In return, the Xava'tor issued instructions, such as destroy preservers (or bring them to him) and stay away from the giant khaydarin crystal chamber on pain of death.

The Tal'darim rarely interacted with the Shel'na Kryhas, preferring to shutter their minds.[1]

These Tal'darim are not actually members of the ancient faction, and were instead deluded cultists searching for meaning.[15]

Worldship BranchEdit

Tal'darimStandard SC2 Logo1

Tal'darim standard

Another branch of "fanatics" were found protecting alien artifacts on various worlds, such as Xil[16] and Typhon XI.[17] Their leadership was based on a xel'naga worldship.[18] Their system of worshiped is based around the xel'naga as being deities.[9][16]

The worldship branch uses terrazine, overseeing harvesting operations on Bel'Shir.[9]


Tal'darim War Crest SC2 Decal1

The Tal'darim war crest

Early HistoryEdit

The Tal'darim separated and went away with Amon millions of years ago, having not been seen until recently by mainstream protoss society since the Aeon of Strife. After this long period of time, their thought processes and culture are very different from those of the other protoss.[3]

The Tal'darim claim to have protected their sacred artifacts since before the terrans achieved spaceflight.[9]

They had colonized and then abandoned planets such as Demon's Fair long ago. Demon's Fair bore two sources of terrazine, and when one ran out, the Tal'darim left it.[4]

Some remained on worlds such as Monlyth after they had been mostly abandoned centuries ago.[10]

Aiur HistoryEdit

Following the devastation of Aiur by the zerg,[19] the protoss fled through the world's sole remaining warp gate to the Dark Templar sanctuary of Shakuras.[20] However, the zerg followed the protoss to Shakuras, necessitating the closure of the gate.[21]

The closure, which stranded a fairly large number of protoss, left many with a feeling of abandonment akin to when the xel'naga abandoned the protoss at the beginning of the Aeon of Strife. This "racial wound" resulted in many survivors mentally "regressing" to the state the protoss existed in during the Aeon of Strife.

The schism grew slowly. Felanis, their leader, used to be a respected Judicator. He began acting strangely (according to Ladranix) and befriended the respected Alzadar (a former friend of Ladranix). Felanis and his followers began to withdraw from the Khala; they would communicate only for basic necessities. Finally the Shel'na Kryhas' unity broke; Felanis insulted Ladranix for clinging to the old traditions, then took his followers and departed.

The Tal'darim, as they came to be known, were called to vast unexplored caverns (the same xel'naga-created ones visited by Savassan and Temlaa) by their Benefactor, the Xava'tor. They emerged only at night to gain a little sustenance from starlight.

The Tal'darim came to be addicted to the drug Sundrop. They saw it as a gift from the Xava'tor, which granted them ecstasy. They knew of its painful withdrawal symptoms, but they didn't consider them harmful.

The Tal'darim were a small group at first, but it soon became apparent to the Shel'na Kryhas that they were losing fewer members to the zerg. A number of Shel'na Kryhas deserted, joining the Tal'darim.[1]

Terran ContactEdit

Ulrezaj SC2 Cncpt1

The Xava'tor

In 2503,[22] the Tal'darim became aware of the presence of a preserver, Zamara, on Aiur when the terran Jake Ramsey (who carried Zamara's mind within his own brain due to unusual circumstances) landed on Aiur. The Xava'tor had instructed the Tal'darim to destroy preservers.

Ramsey's friend, Rosemary Dahl, entered the xel'naga caverns in order to scout a path to its giant pure khaydarin crystal. The Tal'darim captured her and Alzadar tried to use her to lure Ramsey to them by exposing her to the addictive Sundrop. However, the attempt failed. From Dahl, the Shel'na Kryhas learned many of their secrets, and were able to arrange an ambush of Alzadar.

Alzadar was captured and detoxified, then told the truth about the Xava'tor... he was a dark archon, Ulrezaj, trying to convert them into something like the very Dark Templar which disgusted the Tal'darim.

Alzadar agreed to enter the Khala again and work with the Shel'na Kryhas. He joined a party of Shel'na Kryhas, Ramsey and Dahl heading into the caverns. Zamara needed to acquire a piece of the extremely pure giant khaydarin crystal before escaping through the warp gate. The group stealthily entered the chamber and acquired a piece of the giant crystal, avoiding the strange vats in the chamber. However, Alzadar opened another chamber's alcoves and discovered his former friends; Xava'kai, but they had been drained of their lives. Alzadar realized the depths of the Xava'tor's betrayal. This also set off an alarm.

The Tal'darim attacked, but their numbers had been culled by the Xava'tor, and so didn't outnumber their opponents. (Many had been taken as Xava'kai.) Alzadar relayed his astounding information to them. Felanis didn't deny the accusations, instead claiming that Ulrezaj was a demigod who offered Felanis the power to save himself and the Tal'darim. Alzadar had influence among the Tal'darim, so he elected to remain behind and try to convince them to change their ways. Half of the Shel'na Kryhas "warriors" remained with him.[1]

The Group SplintersEdit

Ramsey, Dahl and company used a secret passage to escape the caverns, only to be ambushed by the zerg, led by an intelligent infested terran, Ethan Stewart. The ambush was ruined by Terran Dominion forces sent by Valerian Mengsk to rescue Ramsey. The group boarded a dropship, but Dahl hijacked it and flew it towards the warp gate. Now that Zamara had her precious crystal, they had no reason to remain on Aiur. Upon reaching the warp gate, Zamara and Dahl tried to repair it when the zerg fell upon them again.

Alzadar and at least some Tal'darim arrived at the warp gate in time to assist Ramsey, Dahl and the Shel'na Kryhas in their battle against the zerg... and Ulrezaj! Most of the Tal'darim, saying they were not Xava'kai, seemed only interested in escaping. The Xava'tor had come to punish his wayward students and destroy Zamara.

Ramsey, drawing upon memories of Adun's final moments, showed the Tal'darim how to use their Dark Templar powers to defeat Ulrezaj. The Tal'darim would create "uncontrolled" psionic storms (a Dark Templar ability), while the Shel'na Kryhas would control and direct the storms. Many protoss from both factions died, but their life energies fed the powerful blue nimbus which fed off of Ulrezaj. Only a few protoss were able to escape through the warp gate (along with Ramsey and Dahl).[1]

In the end, only members of the Tal'darim made it to Shakuras, and many died trying to defeat Ulrezaj. Alzadar died shortly after the battle from mortal wounds.

The loyal Tal'darim defended Ulrezaj from Ethan Stewart's zerg as Ulrezaj regained power, in part from draining Tal'darim. The zerg exterminated more of them as they swarmed after Ulrezaj, forcing Ulrezaj to escape in a xel'naga vessel. He was unable to return, having been trapped in a khaydarin crystal by Zamara.[23]

Wings of LibertyEdit

"You have prevailed for now. Word of this sacrilege will echo across the stars, James Raynor. The day of reckoning draws near."

- Executor Nyon(src)

TaldarimExecutor SC2 Head1

Executor of the Tal'darim, Nyon

During the Second Great War the Tal'darim Guardians based on a worldship, led by Executor Nyon, came into conflict with Raynor's Raiders on numerous occasions, mainly over pieces of a powerful artifact.

Battle of Bel'ShirEdit

GabrielToshMissons SC2 Icon1

This article or section contains information from the optional Covert Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Main article: Welcome to the Jungle

Raynor's Raiders traveled to Bel'Shir seeking terrazine. Attempts to negotiate proved fruitless, and the Tal'darim Executor, Nyon, ordered his troops to "execute" the Raiders. The Raiders made off with seven canisters of terrazine.[9]

Battles for the ArtifactsEdit

A powerful xel'naga device became a point of conflict during the Second Great War. The device consisted of five pieces scattered across the Koprulu Sector. Four pieces were in Tal'darim custody—one in a shrine on Monlyth,[10] one was in a xel'naga temple on the dead world of Xil,[16] another one in a vault on the old world of Typhon XI[17] and the last on a worldship in the Sigma Quadrant.[18] The Tal'darim viewed the components as holy relics and appointed themselves guardians against all thieves.[16]

Unfortunately for them, the device was desired by other races. Jim Raynor and Valerian Mengsk wanted to use the device to attack the zerg and eventually de-infest Sarah Kerrigan.[24] Meanwhile, the zerg made numerous attempts to collect the pieces of the device as well.[10][25][26]

A band of Tal'darim guarding an alien artifact on Monlyth came under the attack by both Raynor's Raiders and the Zerg Swarm. Both forces sought the artifact, and despite the Tal'darim forces' use of stone guardians, Raynor's Raiders were successful in stealing it.[10]

Xil SC2 Cncpt1

Defilers on Xil

The Moebius Foundation attempted to acquire an alien artifact from a xel'naga temple on Xil. However, their forces were all wiped out by the Tal'darim. Some of their structures survived, however. The Raiders were dispatched to the scene to make their own attempt on the artifact. Nyon once again demanded the terrans leave, to no avail. Raynor's Raiders fought their way into the temple and stole the artifact. This prompted Nyon to threaten Raynor.[16]

The Tal'darim realized the Raiders would seek the remaining components, and were dug in when the terrans arrived on Typhon XI. The impending supernova did not deter the protoss from their self-assigned duty. However, the Raiders once more absconded with the component, leaving the Tal'darim to be consumed by the fire sweeping across the planet's surface.[17]

Ulnar SC2-WoL Story1

The worldship

The Raiders attacked the Sigma Quadrant Worldship, a derelict xel'naga worldship, and its Tal'darim occupiers for the final component. The Tal'darim also kept Dark Templar prisoners on the ship; the prisoners claimed to be the victims of treachery. As the terrans closed on the component's vault, Executor Nyon arrived in a mothership.[18]

Plot branch : Raynor's Raiders destroy the Tal'darim Mothership.

The Raiders destroyed the ship, causing the executor to exclaim that he would simply return to the xel'naga.[18]

Plot branch ends here

The terrans made off with the artifact.[18]

Amon RebornEdit

Jim Raynor used the artifact to deinfest Sarah Kerrigan on Char.[27] Hybrid used the energy harvested as part of Emil Narud's plan to revive Amon.[28][6]

Narud stole the artifact from Raynor[29] and traveled to Atrias, a Tal'darim-guarded world, where he revived Amon.[8] The reborn Amon used a void catalyst to communicate with the Tal'darim highlord, Ma'lash.[30]

Phantoms of the VoidEdit

Another group of Tal'darim was discovered to be inhabiting the lower levels of Skygeirr Station, working for Emil Narud. These Tal'darim worshiped the fallen xel'naga Amon.[6][7]

They failed to defend the temple from Sarah Kerrigan and Alexei Stukov, who went on to defeat Narud's hybrids[13] and kill Narud himself.[31]

Whispers of OblivionEdit

GhostsFog SC2-LotV Game1

The Tal'darim on Atrias

Tal'darim led by Highlord Ma'lash, based on Atrias,[32] raided Daelaam colonies for Templar Caste prisoners. The Tal'darim had stayed away from Daelaam colonies for a long time. The prisoners were delivered to a Moebius Foundation base and experimented upon to create hybrid. Most of them did not survive. Hybrid controlled the local Moebius forces.[8]

These prisoners were tracked by Praetor Talis to the Moebius base. She was planning on rescuing these protoss when two simultaneous events occurred. Zeratul arrived, seeking clues to the last piece of the prophecy he had been seeking, and Sarah Kerrigan arrived with a zerg force, intending to destroy anything to do with Amon. Talis's forces rescued the templar and discovered that they had been captured by the Tal'darim.[8]

Zeratul and Talis led their force to Atrias, location of Amon's resurrection. Zeratul's forces engaged the Tal'darim outside a xel'naga temple.[32] Later, he infiltrated the Temple of Erris in order to recover the prophecy, while the Tal'darim stationed inside came to blows with his forces. Inside, Ma'lash used a void catalyst in the temple to communicate with Amon. The reborn Amon ordered the Tal'darim to war with the protoss. The Daelaam made their way to the device in order to sever this connection and forestall the Tal'darim mobilization. When Zeratul finally encountered the void catalyst, the spirit of Tassadar gave him a hint of the future. Ma'lash escaped, and the temple began to fall apart. Zeratul escaped, despite Amon trying to stop him, but the rest of the protoss forces were killed. Zeratul intended to bring the prophecy and warning to Artanis.[30]

Legacy of the VoidEdit

Amon's CrusadeEdit

At the command of Amon, Ma'lash gathered the Tal'darim and began to march for war. He sent First Ascendant Alarak and a contingent of the Death Fleet to the protoss world of Glacius, where the Khalai were experimenting with reviving the Purifier (race) program. Daelaam protoss under Artanis arrived to retrieve the technology, but Alarak fired his mothership's displacement beam in an attempt to destroy the facility. Artanis and his forces slipped through the displacement beam the Tal'darim attackers who attempted to stop them, and retrieved the Purifier technology. Alarak contacted Artanis and told him he was not as weak as he thought and that they would meet again soon. [33]

As the Daelaam moved on Ulnar, Alarak and a contingent of the Moebius Corps gave chase, trying to bar their entry into the structure. Artanis fought through their forces and activated the four locks sealing the temple.[34] The Tal'darim continued to hound Artanis and Kerrigan in their descent into the temple, warping in forces and using their mothership's displacement beams to try and stop the Hierarch. The temple was a trap set by Amon however, who opened a portal to the void.[35]

Alarak, who had earlier discovered Amon's true goal of consuming all life including the Tal'darim, used this opportunity to turn against him. He boarded the Spear of Adun and confronted Matriarch Vorazun, stating that Artanis was in danger and he desired to help him. After a brief confrontation Vorazun decided to trust Alarak, and the two saved Artanis by stealing the void portal.[36]

Alarak AscendantEdit

Alarak and his followers agreed to help Artanis in his fight against Amon only if he would help Alarak defeat Ma'lash in Rak'Shir, thus gaining the title of Highlord of the Tal'darim. Artanis reluctantly agreed, and sent out for Slayn. Alarak informed Artanis that he had to defeat four of Ma'lash's guardians to get to him. The Daelaam fought through the terrazine fog of the planet, and slew the guardians. Alarak revealed that wasn't at all part of Rak'shir, much to the ire of Artanis, but that it removed any allies of Ma'lash that would challenge him after he became Highlord.[37]

Alarak met with Ma'lash, and challenged him. Artanis leant his forces to support him psionically, battling Tal'darim and Hybrid who in term supported Ma'lash. Eventually Alarak was victorious, slaying Ma'lash and becoming new Highlord. He declared that the Tal'darim would fight Amon and destroy him for his betrayal.[38]

Against Their GodEdit

The Tal'darim fought alongside the Daelaam in the last days of the End War, leading them their Death Fleets to fight Amon's forces. Alarak himself served as an advisor to Artanis aboard the Spear of Adun. When the time came to reclaim Aiur from Amon, Alarak and Vorazun paired up to destroy one of the core khaydarin crystals powering the psionic matrix. When a sealed door barred their way, Alarak channeled enough power to destroy both the door and the crystal. Tal'darim vanguards fought alongside Artanis in destroying the final khaydarian crystal.[39]

When Amon revealed his host body, the Tal'darim helped the Daelaam destroy the void shards defending him while he transferred his essence into the new host. When the shards were shattered, the combined protoss fleet unleashed an orbital bombardment on the host body, annihilating it.[40]

Amon was still controlling the Khala bound protoss however, and the Golden Armada arrived to destroy the Keystone, an artifact that could pull Amon out of the Khala. The Tal'darim aided in the final defense of the keystone, giving it the time it needed to purge the protoss of Amon.[41]

Though Amon was defeated on Aiur, he was not killed, merely thrown back into the Void. At the behest of Kerrigan, Artanis lead the Spear of Adun into the void itself to put an end to him once and for all. Tal'darim forces were among the Daelaam who fought alongside Artanis against Amon's minions.[42] Eventually, Kerrigan ascended into a Xel'Naga, and after a long battle slew Amon. The Tal'darim's revenge was complete.[43]


After the defeat of Amon, Artanis offered the Tal'darim a place among the unified Protoss. Alarak declined, but gave all of his warriors a single chance to join the Templar. He then departed with his fleets to find a new homeworld for his people.[44]

Known MembersEdit

See also: Tal'darim characters

Aiur BranchEdit

Deceased Xava'kai MembershipEdit

Main article: Xava'kai

Their drained corpses were found in the caverns.[1]

Amon BranchEdit

Alarak BlizzCon Art2

Alarak of the Amon branch

Known WorldsEdit


Taldarim Dark Units SC2 Rend

Tal'darim units in Heart of the Swarm.

  • In Wings of Liberty, the Tal'darim used the same color scheme and unit models as normal protoss. In Heart of the Swarm, they use normal protoss units with a unique black and green color scheme. In Legacy of the Void, Tal'darim units have a black and red color scheme and unique models.
  • The Aiur branch of the Tal'darim appeared to despise the Dark Templar.[23] The worldship branch does not appear to possess similar qualms, employing Dark Templar technology such as stalkers and void rays, though this may simply be the result of game mechanics.[9] In Maw of the Void, their prisoners were exclusively Dark Templar.[18]
  • The Tal'darim first appeared in The Dark Templar Saga with their onscreen appearance being within the Wings of Liberty campaign where they serve as a protoss antagonistic faction to Raynor's Raiders. According to an interview with Chris Metzen, these Tal'darim may still be influenced by Ulrezaj. To some degree it’s the same group, but the group might be larger than what was seen in Shadow Hunters.[45]


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