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"Three millennia ago, I fought alongside the mighty Adun. Wounded in battle, my body was kept in Stasis for several thousand years. "

- Taldarin tells his story(src)

Taldarin is a protoss dragoon, holding the rank of praetor. He is an ancient warrior, and was the first protoss to be transferred to a dragoon.[1] He was introduced in the StarCraft 64 map Resurrection IV. He took part in the mission on Braxis to de-infest Alexei Stukov.[2]


The First DragoonEdit

Taldarin was a personal friend of the protoss hero, Adun. He was injured in action long ago, and survived only by being placed within a stasis cell. When dragoon technology was invented, he was freed from stasis and became the first to be placed within one so that he could continue to battle the protoss' enemies.[2]

Taldarin knew Raynor for some time and fought beside him before. Raynor only knew of him as an "old-timer."

Resurrection IVEdit

After the Brood War, Taldarin was ordered by Artanis to lead the protoss forces to a mission on the planet Braxis alongside Jim Raynor. He was ordered to reach the recently infested Alexei Stukov and administer a nanite solution to cure his infestation. They fought through Stukov's terran mercenary forces, as well as the broods of Stukov's master, the cerebrate Kaloth. Along the way, Taldarin discovered several captured protoss warriors.

After reaching Stukov, Taldarin aided Raynor's medics as they injected him with the nanites. Stukov was unset and disoriented, but began to stabilize. However, the broods formerly under his control began to rampage, and Raynor, Taldarin, Stukov and their remaining forces evacuated from the surface of Braxis. Artanis then purified the planet.[2]

End WarEdit

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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

Main article: Taldarin (Purifier)

During the End War, a Purifier construct of Taldarin was created, and fought alongside Talandar. It possessed the ability to inhabit the shell of Purifier immortals.[1]


Though Taldarin says that he fought with Adun three thousand years ago, the actual timeframe is much shorter; Chris Metzen blames this on the timeline not having been firmly pinned down when the mission was written.[3]

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by Chris Metzen

Taldarin is indeed canon. He is one of the greatest warriors of the Protoss. He fought alongside the mighty Adun. Wounded in battle, his body was kept in stasis until the dragoon exoskeleton was created. He was one of the first Protoss to become a dragoon. That said, we have begun to nail down the StarCraft timeline since this map was made, so disregard Taldarin's assertion that he fought alongside Adun three millennia before the events of the Resurrection map. Also, Taldarin's body didn't stay in stasis for several thousand years. Both time periods were significantly shorter than that. We'd rather not get more specific right now lest it interfere with the development of StarCraft II, but rest assured that having a fully fleshed out timeline is definitely our goal. <:


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