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Talen Holt, supposedly designated as Agent X72341R and nicknamed "Bones" by Nova Terra, was a spectre and part of Project Shadowblade. He was tall, gaunt and had black hair and eyes.

In 2503 he posed as a Terran Dominion ghost, one of the first called to Altara to deal with a terrorist attack. Claiming to have a PI of 6, he was supposedly a stealth interrogation expert, being able to read someone's subconscious without their knowledge.

He and Agent Nova Terra searched for the terrorists. Holt confirmed the terrorists were not United Earth Directorate agents, and were probably linked to the Umojan Protectorate. While there Holt, while cloaked, attacked Terra. She eventually beat him up and he ran way, only to uncloak and appear shortly afterward, claiming to have been beat up by a terrorist.

Terra was exposed to terrazine, giving her a few new psionic abilities, including sensory abilities.

Holt accompanied Terra and other ghosts to Augustgrad and participated in the battle there. As their team of cloaked ghosts moved in on Mengsk's Palace, they stopped and surveyed the entrance/ courtyard from the outside because it was too quiet with no guards present. All of a sudden, Holt uncloaked on the other side of the gates in a taunting fashion. She remembered that he could see her even though she was cloaked, something spectres seemed to be able to do. Other ghosts had to use their psionic abilities to locate her. She also noticed something different about his aura as well. Terra then realized he was a spectre.

Cloaking himself again, Holt turned and ran near a fountain, whose water Terra telekinetically threw at him. His cloak shimmered and she then killed him by "cooking" his brain with her powers.

Terra would compare him negatively to a pair of spectres she would face later, feeling these other spectres were both more powerful and smarter than Holt.[1]


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