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I've thought long and hard about the file Maintaining Discipline In Rampant AI from Deception, as to how or even if to incorporate such info. Although I've incorporated info into this article, I thought it best to provide a degree of reasoning.

I don't think it's worth creating an article for "Rampancy" itself as while the file is likely referencing Marathon, the term "Rampant" alone doesn't really provide a basis for "Rampancy" itself. Rampant is defined as "Extending unchecked; unrestrained" and while these traits can be said to feature in how Rampancy works in Marathon and Halo, it's mentioned in the file as pertaining to discipline. We know from I, Mengsk that AAIs are rolled off production lines so it's perhaps not incocievable that a glitch in their programming may occur, along with other AIs. Still, as the files had a number of outside references, a mention in the AI article is the most I can see occuring right now as per the level of information.--Hawki 03:40, 14 February 2009 (UTC)

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