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Tanya Caulfield





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Tanya Caulfield, designated Agent X39562B, is a terran ghost. She has a psi index of 5.1, with barely any telepathic ability, but does possess pyrokinetic abilities.


Caulfield was alive during the Guild Wars.[1]

Early ServiceEdit

"When something goes to hell, everything else will probably go to hell with it."

- One of Caulfield's instructors at the Ghost Academy(src)

Caulfield entered the Ghost Program in 2492, and remained in the program when it came under the auspecies of the Terran Dominion. Over her entire time with the program, she was never given a single assignment. During the Second Great War, she was pulled out of the Ghost Academy and sent to a remote location. She remained in hiding during the End War. She never understood why she'd never been deployed, but after the war's end, she reckoned that when the next war came, she'd be part of it. Only that war had never come, leaving her with a mix of feelings. On one hand, she felt like she'd been wasted. On the other, many ghosts had been killed during the wars of the Koprulu sector, and she had some relief that she'd been spared the carnage. This gave her some survivor's guilt however, as she pondered how many ghosts had been deployed in her place.[1]


Six years after the End War, Caulfield was in Augustgrad in the quarters reserved for ghosts, partnered with Ulavu, a protoss scientist. As the sixth anniversary of the war's end loomed, she received her requested discharge from the Ghost Program. Ulavu sensed her thoughts via telepathy, but she assured him that nothing was wrong, and reflected on everything she had (and hadn't) done as a ghost up to this point. Her thoughts were interrupted via her telepathic connection with Ulavu—he'd left the establishment without a military escort, and found himself in Dante's Circle, confronted by a group of Chau Sarans who weren't happy to see a protoss after the glassing of their world over a decade ago. She found her way to the grill, seeing that the patrons had enough sense to not attack a protoss with their bear hands, but, well, being drunk could make one throw caution to the wind, hence the actions of one of the patrons. She did what she could to diffuse the situation.[1]

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