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"The city of Tarsonis, on the planet Tarsonis. The most important city on the most important planet of the Confederacy of Man. The city so great they named it twice. The city so large its suburbs had greater populations than some planets. A shining beacon of civilization, keeper of the memories of an Earth now lost to history, myth, and earlier generations."

- Michael Liberty describes the city(src)

TarsonisCity SC2 Cncpt1

The ruins of the capital

Tarsonis City was the capital city of Tarsonis.

A bustling metropolis, the Terran Confederacy was ruled from it in every meaningful way.[1] Both its administration[2] and police force[3] had reputations for corruption.


Tarsonis City was the planet's main city and seat of the Confederate Government.[2] Its population, in the millions,[4] was greater than that of some terran worlds. The sprawling cityscape was punctured by the 'spires' of its tallest buildings,[2] its architecture ranging from such high-rise structures, to slab-like appartment complexes, to slums and mazelike streets.[4] The city was named twice because of its grandeur.

During the Great War, the city was ruined by the Sons of Korhal and zerg invasion of Tarsonis. Rebel and Confederate forces battled in the streets and the western precincts was set aflame by a crashed battlecruiser.[2] After the Brood War, feral zerg continued to infest the city.[5]

After the End War, a terrorist group known as the Defenders of Man established a base in Tarsonis City. At some point during her time with the Defenders of Man, Nova Terra visited the facility. When her wiped memories were restored by Reigel, she remembered having gone there.[6] She and her Covert Ops Crew investigated the planet, setting up garrisons surrounding the base to hold off the feral zerg on the planet while she investigated the base.

When she entered, her intrusion was discovered, and the Defenders of Man activated a psi emitter in the base and began to evacuate. This lured feral zerg in the base, but did not deter her, and Nova entered the facility's command room.[5] There she killed the technician in charge of the facility, and discovered that the Defenders of Man planned to use psi emitters on a civilian world in order to discredit Emperor Valerian Mengsk.[7]







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