The Tarsonis Police Force (TPF) was the law enforcement branch of Tarsonis City, created shortly after the settlement of Tarsonis. The ruling class believed that keeping law and order was critical. The district headquarters were built from bits of the original colony ships. Most of these were replaced, but the HQ in the Gutter had never been adjusted to fit modern architecture.[1]

By the late 25th century the TPF was an underfunded, somewhat corrupt and inefficient organization composed mainly of bruisers, defended the interests of the rich (defined as anybody who makes more money than the chief). Corruption in the Gutter was especially severe with Fagin's criminal organization bribing many officers.[1]

Police officers with any brains become detectives, and the best detectives become government agents (whether they want to or not). Detectives were based out of the northern (wealthier) precinct of Tarsonis City.[1] Body armor and rifles were available to its members as circumstances dictated.[2]

FallOfTarsonis SC-FL3 Comic1

The Last Stand

The cost of the Great War forced the Council to freeze staff salaries.[1] Eventually the conflict came to Tarsonis and the TPF found themselves in action against the zerg.[2]

Known MembersEdit


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