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Tech Reactor
TechReactor SC2 Rend1



StarCraft II


Advanced units and research/Enhanced unit production add-on


75 Minerals Terran SC1


50 TerranVespene SC2 Game1

Build time

25 Time SC2 Game1


25 protoss research points



Hit points



1 BuildingArmor SC2 Game1

Armor type



Advanced units and research

2 units to be built simultaneously

The tech reactor is an add-on structure in StarCraft II. It is only available in the single-player campaigns and Co-op Missions.


Tech reactors were developed by Raynor's Raiders scientist Egon Stetmann after doing extensive research on protoss plasma shields. The results of his research allowed the reactor and tech lab to be combined into one facility, allowing for the functionality of both add-ons.[1]

The Terran Dominion eventually acquired the research to use tech reactors, as did the terran race as a whole. By 2506, the tech reactor was used almost exclusively over the previous two add-ons.

Game StructureEdit

The add-on is acquired in Hyperion's lab in story mode for 25 protoss research points and at the cost of the barracks being being able to drop trained infantry anywhere on the map.[1] This allows two of any unit to be built at once. After being researched, all starting tech labs and reactors in subsequent missions are replaced by tech reactors. Tech labs and reactors may no longer be built.

The tech reactor can be preferable to the Orbital Strike upgrade, where as the Orbital Strike only affects the barracks, the tech reactor upgrade affects the barracks, factory, and starport, allowing them all access to tech lab-required units, while doubling their unit production rate. This is invaluable when mass-producing battlecruisers and thors.

Depending on the specific mission and its difficulty level which was mostly brutal, enemy terran forces may have tech reactors attached to some of their buildings, though at other times they will use only reactors and tech labs.


SC2 Lab Tech Reactor Icon
Tech Reactor

Combines the tech lab and reactor into one add-on.[1]

Protoss plasma shields have finally given us the ability to fit the tech lab and the reactor into a single structure add-on. This new add-on, known as the tech reactor, replaces the old tech lab and reactor add-ons, and allows us to train two of any unit type simultaneously.

Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Hyperion laboratory for 25 protoss research points

Building UpgradesEdit

All structures repair themselves to 50% life. All structure fires are automatically put out.

This all-in-one safety system automatically dispatches robotic drones to put out any fires and perform basic repairs on damaged structures. Although these drones are effective at doing basic repairs, they do not have a strong enough AI to perform the more delicate repairs needed to restore a structure past half life.[2]

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Complete eleven missions.
Acquired from Hyperion armory for $90,000

Left 2 DieEdit

In Left 2 Die, Raynor's Raiders can buy tech reactors for 100 biomass points.[3]

Co-op MissionsEdit

In Co-op Missions, Rory Swann is able to build tech reactors once he reaches Level 10. Swann can also covert allied or enemy tech labs and reactors into tech reactors by landing his factories and starports next to them.


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