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"I am Templar, and above all else, I have sworn to protect our Homeworld 'till the end."
Templar Caste
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Warrior caste



De facto leader

Protoss Empire (?—2500)
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The Templar Caste is comprised of the protoss holy warriors who follow the Khala's disciplines to achieve ever-escalating pinnacles of psionic power.[1] They are some of the most powerful individuals in the Koprulu sector.[2]


"I am Templar! I am the sword of truth!"

- A zealot(src)

Templar are trained from youth to harness fear and to give their lives if necessary.[3] Members of the Templar Caste who are particularly skilled psychics are known as high templar.[1] Both high templar and any member of the Templar Caste are sometimes simply referred to as "Templar".[4]

The Templar Caste is led by an executor.[3] At various times there have been multiple executors.[5][6][7]


Early HistoryEdit

Templar SC2-LotV-R Cine1

Templar warriors during the Discord

Before the advent of the Khala, each tribe had a definite proclivity or strength. The dictates of the Khala advised a three caste system, which each tribe fit easily into. The Templar tribes were those who had great physical prowess or agility, or tended towards strategy. In the early days of the Khala, they fought to protect the new protoss culture from those who disagreed with it. When the battles ended, the Templar defended their people from fearsome fauna and later from hostile alien beings while settling their colonies.[3] The Templar Caste were called to battle their own during the Discord, as rogue tribes rejected the Khala.[8] Even in times of peace, rare as they were, Templar would train constantly.[9] Before the Fall of Aiur, members of the Templar Caste would often make pilgrimages to various sacred sites on the planet.[10]

Conflict with the ZergEdit

In the early phases of the Great War, the Templar deployed the Koprulu Expeditionary Force to combat the zerg infestation on the terran worlds.[1] After the fighting on the terran worlds abated, the fleet's commander, Executor Tassadar, opted to follow the zerg to Char rather than return to Aiur,[11] taking only his command ship with him.[12]

Tokyopop GrphNv Art1

In battle with the zerg

The Templar were engaged during the zerg invasion of Aiur. Uninspiring leadership by the Conclave hampered their efforts. Further difficulties arose with the return of Tassadar and the short lived civil war which further divided the Templar's resources.[13] Ultimately the battle was lost and the Khalai were forced to abandon Aiur for Shakuras.[14]

During the Brood War many Templar rallied to Judicator Aldaris in an abortive uprising against Matriarch Raszagal.[15] In the years after the conflict, the Templar often called for a return to Aiur.[16] In 2502,[17] the Templar were quick to respond to resurgent zerg activity in the Koprulu Sector. They secured the xel'naga temple on Artika from the Terran Dominion and the zerg Swarm.[18]

A New WarEdit

Currently, the Templar are working with/under the Daelaam.[19] In 2506, Templar warriors were abducted by the Tal'darim and handed over to the Moebius Foundation to be used as test subjects in the creation of hybrids. These Templar were freed by Praetor Talis and Prelate Zeratul,[20] and subsequently took part in an assault on the Temple of Erris, a Tal'darim stronghold.[21] The Templar gave their lives so that Zeratul could warn Artanis of the looming Tal'darim invasion.[22]

ZealotKaldalis SC2-LotV Cine1

The Templar return to Aiur

Not long afterwards, Templar warriors were present in the invasion of Aiur, in a bid to reclaim it. A beachhead was successfully established on the surface,[23] though Amon's corruption of the Khala forced the protoss into retreat.[24]

Known Templar TribesEdit

Notable MembersEdit

"Some Templar identify as a shield. Stelwart and unbreakable, defenders of truth. Others see themselves as a weapon. Powerful and precise. I say, why not be both?"

- An adept(src)

HighTemplar SC-FL3 Art1

A high templar

Main article: List of Templar


In the StarCraft alpha, "Templar" was the term used to describe what would become dragoons in the game's final incarnation.[25]


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