Teredal was a protoss zealot.


The Zealous RoundEdit

Teredal learned from his master, under the light of a full moon, about how the moon of Aiur, Saalok, echoes the Zealous Round, the symbol of the Zealot Order.

His master taught that Saalok was a rarity among the stars, being an almost mathematically perfect sphere. His master also taught that purity, light, and order are the fruits of intelligence, and mental focus is the core of the zealot way.


Teredal became a veteran zealot, fighting the zerg under both the Overmind and the Queen of Blades, Sarah Kerrigan.

He lost an eye in killing an ultralisk during the Plaza Strike on Nelyth, and saved a praetor in the Black Grass Raid using the tendrils of hydralisk to bind his wound. During the siege of Torenis Prime, he gained the habit of looking ahead for spots of where to find cover.

White Circle of NightEdit

Teredal, due to experience fighting the zerg, was selected as a member of a Daelaam aexilium sent to the moon Saalok, to make preparations for the liberation of the planet Aiur by an executor in the aftermath of the deinfestation of the Queen of Blades.

The plan was for the two of the six zealots to escort each of the three Dark Templar/stalker teams, so they could place beacons in the key zerg hive clusters. The beacons were carried by each zealot. Once the beacons were placed, reavers, armed with scarabs, would be deployed to home in on the beacons and destroy the hive clusters.

The plan was created under the guise that the zerg were both feral and ground-based, possessing zerglings, hydralisks, roaches, and ultralisks. The aexilium was ambushed by burrowed zerg, with only Teredal, albeit wounded, surviving by finding cover in the tunnels.

After the ambush, Teredal bound his injured arm with hydralisk tendons, a technique he used in the Black Grass Raid on Tepperus years before, and fashioned a hydralisk claw as a weapon to replace his damaged psi blade. Teredal placed the beacons in the path of a perfect circle, knowing that the zerg would predict his path, sacrificing himself to reveal to the executor that the zerg weren't feral.


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