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Orders of BattleEdit

Expect the opposing terran player to be utilizing the same orders against you.

Early GameEdit

Common Strategies

13-15 bunker rushEdit

1-2 siege tank defense to natural expand.

Marine rushEdit

May lead to victory depending on status of the enemy base.

Marine or SCV scoutingEdit

Kill the enemy scout

Rare Strategies

Vulture rush/HarassEdit

Mid GameEdit

Common Strategies

Tank pushEdit

A Tank Push is carried out when two groups of siege tanks, usually hotkeyed, and with Siege Mode researched, move towards the enemy. The first group converts to Siege Mode while the second moves ahead and spots for them. The first group then switches out of Siege Mode, while the second simultaneously switches into Siege Mode. The first group spots for the second, and the cycle repeats, with the battalion of tanks getting ever closer to the enemy.
Any air unit that can attack ground units and nuke.

Wraith raidEdit

Missile turrets, goliaths and any other AA unit. Probably you'll need detectors as Wraiths can cloak.

Rare Strategies

Vulture raidEdit

Used to kill the enemy's workers.
Bunkers, siege tanks

Late GameEdit

Common Strategies

Battlecruiser fleetEdit

Ultimate strategy, expensive but powerful, especially if you have six or more battlecruisers.
Battlecruisers, with goliath support. Use focused fire and EMP (to prevent from using Yamato Cannon).


Try to kill the ghost that is pointing the target before the explosion of the missile. If the ghost is cloaked, use detectors. Players teching to ghosts are usually vulnerable to other attacks, so play aggressively.

Rare Strategies

AmmoCounter SC2-WoL CineFireFury1

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