"Eventually, should one or two of you be fortunate enough to get through basic, you will be entitled to call me Corporal. But until that unlikely day dawns, you will address every noncom and officer that you encounter as either sir or ma'am, depending on the type of plumbing they were issued. And you will do so in a voice that can be heard on Tarsonis. Do you scan me, maggots?"

- Timson addresses new recruits(src)

Thaddeus Timson was a member of the Confederate Marine Corps. He had beady brown eyes. As a military trainer, he tended to use over-the-top language, such as referring to recruits as "maggots".


By 2488, Timson had served in the Corps for over twenty years but had yet to exceed the rank of corporal. He was somewhat disgruntled by the nature of the Guild Wars by this point, commenting that while the Confederacy had more firepower than the Kel-Morian Combine (and superior firepower at that), getting enough men to use these weapons was another matter.

During the conflict, Timson served as a recruit instructor. On Shiloh, he was in charge of a group of recruits, originating from various towns such as Centerville and Bronsonville. Hank Harnack and Jim Raynor, a pair of feuding recruits, received training from Timson, during which he attempted to keep the two apart. He approved of them not "ratting" each other out, but never told them his first name.


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