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The Dark Templar Saga

Christie Golden


Simon & Schuster (Pocket Star)


May 22, 2007 (Firstborn)
November 27, 2007 (Shadow Hunters)
June 30, 2009 (Twilight)

Book 1: Firstborn
Book 2: Shadow Hunters
Book 3: Twilight

The Dark Templar Saga is a trilogy of books written by author Christie Golden. It details events in protoss history and serves as a prequel to StarCraft II storyline, setting up some plotlines and foreshadowing some of its events. It was written concurrently with StarCraft II's storyline.[1] The Dark Templar Saga was originally said to take place in the fourth year after the Brood War, putting it many months or a year before StarCraft II.[2] However, the timeline in StarCraft II: Heaven's Devils lists it as occurring in 2503.[3] In regards to links to timeline articles, this wiki has gone with the '03 timeframe.

Christie Golden described the first novel, Firstborn, as "kind of a thriller/action/mystery" novel[4][5] and "Bladerunner meets Indiana Jones".[6]


Dark Templar Firstborn ShadowHunters Twilight Nov Cover1
Firstborn Shadow Hunters Twilight

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