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This article or section contains information from the optional Colonist Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.


Zero Hour



The Evacuation
AgriaEvacuation SC2-WoL Game1

Wings of Liberty


Late 2504



  • Colony evacuated.
  • Ariel Hanson joins Raynor's Raiders.

RaynorsRaiders SC2 Logo1 Raynor's Raiders
TerranMax SC2 Decal1 Agria Colonists

Zerg SC2 Icon Zerg Swarm


RaynorsRaiders SC2 Logo1 Commander Jim Raynor
TerranMax SC2 Decal1 Doctor Ariel Hanson


Ariel Hanson


Evacuate 50 colonists

Optional Objective(s)

Harvest chrysalis DNA


100,000 credits

New Character(s)

Ariel Hanson

New Unit(s)


The Evacuation is a StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty mission. Raynor's Raiders helped evacuate the fringe colony of Agria after it was abandoned by the Terran Dominion.


Agria InvadedEdit

On the outbreak of the Second Great War, the Terran Dominion withdrew its forces to the core worlds when the zerg invaded.[1][2] Abandoned by the Dominion, Agria's defenses were quickly overwhelmed by the Swarm.

The Agrian people sought to evacuate the colony and join other refugees en route to the core worlds. However, the evacuation soon bogged down. Larks' Crossing and the main starport remained in the hands of local defense forces, but the zerg cut the road between the two. Doctor Ariel Hanson, representing the colonists, broadcast a distress call for help to break the blockade and escort the colonists to the port.

The call was received by the rebel group, Raynor's Raiders, aboard the battlecruiser, Hyperion. Captain Matt Horner passed it on to Commander Jim Raynor, who ordered the Raiders into action.[3]



The starport

The Raiders initially deployed firebats some distance from the settlement. They broke through zerg resistance and linked up with the defenses. The Raiders were granted control of the local structures and began escorting truck convoys down the road to the starport.

The rebels discovered the departed Dominion garrison had constructed a string of roadside bunkers; these were duly taken over. The evacuation route became more hazardous as zerg attacks intensified.

The last colonists departed in colony ships as the zerg overran the starport.[3]


The Agrian refugees made their way to the refugee staging point at Meinhoff.[4] Doctor Hanson decided to stay on with the Raiders until the Agrian colonists could find a more permanent settlement. Raynor accepted her offer to bolster the rebel's meager scientific and medical expertise.[5]

UNN reporter Kate Lockwell was to appear on Vermillion Live from abandoned Agria, but her segment was ultimately cut in favor of Emperor Arcturus Mengsk's announcement of the reinstatement of General Horace Warfield back into the Dominion Armed Forces.[6]

Conversations after MissionEdit

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Gameplay & Video WalkthroughEdit

Convoys travel along a path bisecting the map from south-west to north-east. The zerg attack at the three choke points where the path is accessible from the side areas. The first is near the colony; it has a ramp leading to the lower ground to the west and is protected by a bunker. The second is halfway along the route and opens to the east (where the bunker ruins can be seen). The third is near the starport at the end; it has a ramp leading to the lower ground to the west and is protected by a bunker.

There are two zerg bases, one left (close to the starport) and one right from the road. During the final two convoys, additional attack points are created by sacs and nydus worms.

Each convoy armored personnel carrier loaded with civilians. If the APC is destroyed, the civilians will emerge unharmed and continue on foot, but will be directly vulnerable to attack. The zerg attack through a choke point shortly before the APC passes by; if the choke points are not fortified, keep an escort screen ahead of the APC.

Options for defending the convoys range from fortifying the choke points and keeping the zerg off the road, to creating a single large mobile escort group. Defending the bunkers is necessary to unlock an achievement. Collecting minerals and gas containers left by colonists helps during the initial phase of the game. At light game levels, it is possible to attack the zerg bases and see many zerg forms that do not appear on the road during the game. SCVs can repair convoy machines, starport cannons and even spaceships, if these are damaged by zerg attack on the starport.

Three zerg chrysalis may be collected for zerg research points. The easiest to acquire is at the end of the road right before the ramp to the starport. Another is lightly guarded in the valley west of the first choke point. The other is in a crop field south of the middle choke point; the route passes by the entrance to the eastern zerg base.

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TheEvacuation SC2 Icon1 The Evacuation

15 Achievement SC2 Game1


Complete all mission objectives

HandledWithCare SC2 Icon1 Handled with Care

10 Achievement SC2 Game1

  • Complete mission on normal difficulty
  • Lose no APCs

See notes for Hard difficulty.

SacrificeNothing SC2 Icon1 Sacrifice Nothing

10 Achievement SC2 Game1

  • Complete mission on hard difficulty
  • Lose and salvage no buildings

Use two bunkers filled with a firebat and marines at all three zerg spawn points. Have at least two SCVs at each point to repair. Use separate mobile forces between each of the spawn points to backup the bunkers and hit roaming zerg. For the last APC, know where the nydus worms will spawn and put roving forces on top to take them out early: first at the bottom of the ramp, second inside the tree lined corridor, third between the cliffs.


The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

The mission was previously known as The Evacuation of Agria.[7] It possessed the following achievements:

Agria Evacuated[7]
  • Complete mission
Man of Science[7]
  • Complete all objectives
Safe Evacuation[7]
  • All colonists must survive
One Way of Doing It[7]
  • Destroy all zerg bases on Hard difficulty


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