"It was a simple dusty day on this family's Terran colony. Cleaning, paying the bills, and playing ball were the greatest of their worries. That is...until the disaster struck."

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The Rush Real1

The Rush

The Rush is a short live-action film set within the StarCraft universe. Created by RocketJump, it has been spotlighted by Blizzard Entertainment.[1]


On a remote terran colony, a child played with a ball outside of their ramshackle house. He attempted to sneak by his mother, who was operating a drone that was informing her that the vespene gas levels were low. She noticed her son, and told him that she would play ball with him if he would do his cleaning. He agreed, but the mother soon noticed a massive cloud on the horizon.

Nearby, a terran base began to lift off, as siege tanks fired into the cloud. The mother took her kid and ran into the house, telling him to stay inside of a metal cylinder and close his eyes. The son watched through a crack in the cylinder as his mother took a gun and began firing. Blood splattered her face, but soon the mysterious attackers snatched her out of sight, the son hearing her dying screams.

Later, the son came out of his hiding place, discovering his home destroyed and covered in creep. He picked up his ball, now sliced apart, and then noticed a zergling on the roof of his house. The zergling pounced on him, tearing into the boy while a massive swarm of zerglings and mutalisks charged into the nearby terran position.


The film's title may refer to the concept of a "zerg rush."


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