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The title of this article is conjectural. The subject has no canonical name.

Michael Liberty Newspaper1 SC2

The March 18, 2500 issue of the newspaper

The Sentinel is/was a terran newspaper that was active during the Great War.[1]


Sunday, March 18, 2500Edit


It was easy to miss. The Confederacy was dying before our eyes, the zerg were overruning world after world, the once terrorist supremo and soon-to-be Emperor Arcturus Mengsk was emerging as the unlikely savior of the tottering remnants of humanity. Amidst all this fire and fury, one man and a handful of his ardent supporters turned their backs on the Sons of Korhal and Arcturus Mengsk, stealing Mengsk's own flagship, the Hyperion, and disappeared into space. They declared Mengsk a tyrant, a worse dictator than the corrupt old families of the Confederacy. On the eve of victory, that one man, an ex-marshal from the badlands of Mar Sara by the name of Jim Raynor, rejected the very revolution he had helped to make into a reality. Why?

By Mike Liberty.[1]


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