"The Veteran" was the nickname for a terran ghost, so named by Nova Terra and Malcolm Kelerchian. He had a distinguished appearance and graying hair.[1]

In 2503,[2][3][4] the Veteran was part of a team of ghosts under Nova's command assigned to investigate the abductions of ghosts by Project Shadowblade. He was the oldest and most experienced assassin of the ghosts present, hence the nickname. The team was dispatched to the world of Altara and later all assembled together on the Palatine.[1]

Later, the Veteran was assigned to the team to defend Arcturus Mengsk from a spectre uprising. However, the group were attacked by spectres and swiftly overwhelmed. The ghosts managed to hold the palace and prevent the Emperor's assassination, but at great cost; all but two ghosts had been killed, and those two had been captured and indoctrinated into the spectre program. It is unknown if the Veteran was killed or indoctrinated.[1]


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