Thuras was a protoss zealot who was part of Tassadar's expedition to the Koprulu Sector.

He took part in a battle on Mar Sara, fighting the zerg alongside another zealot in a terran medical bay. The other zealot was killed, but Thuras achieved victory.

Tassadar entered the room and psionically communed with the sole terran survivor, Andre Madrid. Thuras tried to convince Tassadar to abandon this world, but Tassadar refused to leave until all efforts had been exhausted. The terran confronted Thuras for attacking his home planet, Chau Sara, and Thuras threatened him.

Thuras disagreed with Tassadar's courses of action, wanting to leave the world and fight new battles. Tassadar claimed Thuras was upset because he was wounded and lost a comrade. Thuras was granted permission to join the battle outside, as he wished to avenge his many comrades.


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