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Late 2491






SonsOfKorhal SC1 Logo1 Sons of Korhal


Soldier, private

Tibbs was a Sons of Korhal soldier. He was a strong warrior with dark skin.


Tibbs joined the Sons of Korhal around the time of the destruction of Korhal by the Terran Confederacy. After the group attacked the Fujita Facility on Vyctor 5 and returned to Umoja, Tibbs took part in the R&R that the rest of the rebels experienced. He made several propositions to Lieutenant Sela Brock, propositions to which, after a period of drunken corousing, she accepted. The two began a relationship.

Tibbs took part in the Sons of Korhal attack on the Ghost Academy on Tarsonis. Some of the tactics (such as Sela Brock flirting with a pilot so she could steal his vessel) left Tibbs unhappy.

Tibbs, fellow soldier Somo Hung and other Sons of Korhal infiltrators tricked a Ghost Program recruit into leading them to the Academy. Tibbs attacked the sentry while he was distracted. Inside, the infiltrators armed themselves. Tibbs picked up a pair of gauss rifles, feeling that only one wasn't enough.

Unfortunately for his team, a mole within the Sons of Korhal warned the Post Commander, Major Rumm. The infiltrators engaged in a firefight. As they reached a secret area where they hoped to investigate (and terminate) Confederate experiments, they were ambushed by ghost officers. Tibbs died during the firefight.


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