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Tilesets are background elements of a StarCraft or StarCraft II map.

StarCraft tilesetsEdit

Tileset Examples Related Critters
Ash Char Ragnasaur
Badlands Antiga Prime, Chau Sara, Mar Sara, Tarsonis, Moria Rhynadon
Installation Amerigo, Jacobs Installation, Psi Disrupter, Into the Darkness None, but appear in several installation missions.[1][2][3]
Jungle Aiur Bengalaas
Space platform Char Aleph, Dylarian Shipyards None

Brood War tilesetsEdit

Tileset Example Worlds Related Critters
Desert Korhal Scantid
Ice Braxis, Dark Moon Ursadon
Twilight Shakuras Kakaru

StarCraft II tilesetsEdit

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty features 20 unique tilesets.[4] They are named after planets.[5]

There are tilesets that uses the same basis, like "Jungle (Bel'Shir)" and "Jungle (Aiur)"[5] and "Wasteland (Mar Sara)" and "Wasteland (Shakuras)".[6]

Tileset names are based on observation.
Tileset Examples Related Critters
Cave Ulaan
City Korhal,[4][7] Tyrador[8] Automaton 2000
Shattered City[9] Tarsonis[7]
Desert Xil Urubu
Forest Haven, Agria
Ice[10] Kaldir
Industrial Braxis Alpha[11]
Installation Castanar
Jungle[12] Bel'Shir, Zhakul[13][6][5]
Korhal Wastes Korhal
Lava Redstone III Lava crab
Lunar Monlyth, Meinhoff, Valhalla
Ruined Jungle Aiur
Space platform Braxis Alpha, Avernus Station Automaton 2000
Worldship (space platform)
Twilight Jotun,[14] Shakuras[15]
Volcanic Char, New Folsom
Wasteland Mar Sara, Typhon

Variant volcanic, space platform and installation tilesets will feature in Heart of the Swarm.[10]


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