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Titan Arena
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Various (depends on map)

Titan Arena is an Arcade map for StarCraft II that has been spotlighted by Blizzard Entertainment.


Titan Arena is a capture the flag-type game. Items and weapons can be customized. Players take control of a marine each, and have a choice of equipment at the start of the match. These weapons can be upgraded. Three different maps are available to play on.[1]

The mod features a talents system.[2] Both weapons and talents can be altered on the fly. Sizes of matches can range from 2v2 to 6v6.[2] Items such as health packs and grenades can be picked up on the maps. The grenades are powerful, but bounce, and have a delayed detonation.[1]


Inspiration was taken from a Warcraft III custom map titled "Elimination Tornument." Creating the map took 3 months, with 4 developers.[2]


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